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Professional Window Replacement, Sterling, VA

Replacing windows can be one of the trickiest home improvement projects, requiring lots of measurements, tools, and window replacement knowledge. As the top window contractor Sterling has to offer, our team at NOVA Exteriors wants to bring professional window replacement services to everyone in Northern Virginia at affordable prices. 

When your old vinyl windows aren’t doing their job anymore, call us so we can help. The Virginia climate ranges from hot and humid in the summer to cold and snowy in the winter. If your windows or entry doors aren’t up-to-date, you might be wasting money on inflated energy bills due to poor insulation.

Our experienced NOVA Exteriors team can help you choose windows to give your home the protection it needs. We have high-quality windows and doors in a range of styles, sizes, and colors to fit your home, whether its design is traditional or modern. 


Why Is NOVA Exteriors the Top Window Company in Sterling, VA?

  • We treat your home like our own by providing clean, respectful, and hassle-free customer service. 
  • NOVA Exteriors is a 12-time Angi Super Service Award winner. 
  • Our team has training and licenses that go beyond the industry standard.
  • We provide transparent pricing, always charging clients by our original quote.
  • We offer financing options so that we can work with any budget.


Exclusive Energy-Efficient Windows From NOVA Exteriors Window Contractor, Sterling, VA

Few people realize how much money they can save on energy costs by choosing the right windows for their homes. Our NOVA Exteriors team stays on top of the latest window technology so our clients can access the best new or replacement windows in Sterling.

We have the exclusive right to distribute the Verde window, featuring enhanced energy efficiency, self-cleaning abilities, and SolarPlus coating. 

The designers of the Verde window loaded the product with remarkable benefits for your home, including:

  • Energy efficiency. With its UltraCore insulation, the Verde window creates a tight seal to keep the outside air from leaking inside your home and vice versa. This quality allows your HVAC system to efficiently cool your home in summer and heat it in winter. 
  • Self-cleaning technology. The Verde window has a unique layer that works with the sun to disintegrate dirt and dust. When it rains, the water washes away the remains, leaving your window clear and sparkling. This technology can be a massive time-saver if you have many windows in your home.
  • Solar guard. The SolarPlus coating keeps the heat inside during winter and outside during summer by providing a barrier between the sun and your home’s interior. 


Customize Your Home With These Windows in Sterling, VA

Double-Hung Window

This classic window style is easy to clean from the inside and has two sashes that can open to provide adequate ventilation for your home. 

Casement Window

Casement windows open on a hinge to allow for excellent airflow and come in a variety of sizes and styles. 

Awning Window

This practical window opens outward with hinges on the top, acting as an awning so you can keep it open even when it’s raining. 

Sliding Window

Sliding windows provide a minimal design with panels that can glide open easily for airflow. 

Picture Window

A picture window’s design offers an unobstructed view of the outside and lots of light, typically in a fixed model that doesn’t open. 

Bay and Bow Window

Besides adding a charming attraction to your home, a bay and bow window can make your living space feel more open. 


Fast and Affordable Window Installation in Sterling, VA

We have many affordable, energy-efficient window installation options to keep your home’s environment comfortable and cozy no matter the season. At NOVA Exteriors, we know how overwhelming a renovation project can be, but you can count on us to provide a smooth, hassle-free experience. We’ll perform the work efficiently while respecting your home as if it were our own. 

NOVA Exteriors partners with Synchrony, Medallion, and Enerbank to offer budget-friendly finance plans. During our complimentary consultation at your home, we’ll discuss your needs and ideas for the project and inform you of the costs. Depending on the work, we can start the job for as low as $50.

To get your quote for a qualified window contractor in Sterling, call us now at (703) 322-1500.


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Require minimal maintenance, lovely to look at, and easy to operate.


This type of window is beautiful, provides maximum air flow and opens outwards with the turn of a handle.


Similar to a sliding glass door, only it’s a window! These windows are not only aesthetically appealing but they’re highly energy efficient.


The awning window opens out like a casement window with the exception that it opens out from the bottom, instead of from the side. These types of windows provide maximum airflow and provide a lovely unique touch to a living space.


If you crave sunlight and just can’t get enough Vitamin D, then why not consider opening up your living space with a beautiful picture window? The picture window provides ample sunlight and maximum energy efficiency.


The bay and bow window is a gorgeous window that would make a lovely addition to a bedroom, sitting room, guest room, or any room. Have a seat and enjoy the views outdoors on a picturesque day, while savoring the fact that you’re saving loads of money on heating and cooling costs.

We’ve made it easy to get started on your renovation project sooner.

We have great bank partners with Synchrony, Enerbank, and Medallion, which give our customers every opportunity to find a finance program that is right for you. Depending on the type and size of your project, you can experience paying as little as $50 to get the renovations started.

Our Project Consultants offer free in-home consultations and estimates by appointment. They will work with you in all aspects of your project from start to finish. You will have a detailed outline on pay schedules so that all expectations are clear and discussed before the work begins.

Appointments are available Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 8 pm, and Saturdays, from 9 am to 8 pm. Schedule your free consultation and estimate today.




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