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Are you considering hiring a siding contractor in South Riding, VA? Making NOVA Exteriors your siding company in South Riding provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Instantly enhance the look of your house
  • Enhance the temperature regulation of your residence and limit energy loss
  • Lessen or remove the manual effort needed for painting siding
  • Increase the worth of your asset
  • Gain advantage from an expert for a hail or storm loss insurance coverage claim

When constructing a dwelling or doing renovations, it is important to use resilient, excellent-quality siding that can shield the building from extreme weather and enhance its attractiveness from the outside.

At NOVA Exteriors, our extensive track record of 28 years with siding installation and replacement has made us a trusted provider in the area. We promise to make use of superior materials, deliver excellent craftsmanship, offer dependable warranties, and ensure necessary insurance coverage.

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What makes NOVA Exteriors stand out?

Homeowners in South Riding, VA, select us as their siding contractor due to our:

  • Durable products with long-term manufacturer guarantees
  • High-quality output and meticulous care
  • Professionally certified staff with all applicable certificates and protections
  • Costly upgrades and advantageous lending options
  • No obligation, stress-free residential meetings


Possibilities for siding installation in South Riding

When selecting siding for a home in South Riding, Virginia, NOVA Exteriors presents two major choices: vinyl and fiber cement. Considerations such as cost and required upkeep should be taken into account before making this significant choice. Let’s examine the details of these two decisions.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a budget-friendly, tough exterior material that comes in an array of designs and shades. The ease of putting up and upkeep of vinyl makes it a favored choice with homeowners from South Riding, VA.

If you’re in search of an economical siding option that looks like real lumber but will not be affected by splintering or shrinking, Ply Gem vinyl siding could be the ideal selection. It is estimated that vinyl siding can last for three decades or more with minimal maintenance. Vinyl only requires a water spray from a hose if there is an absence of rainfall.

This exterior cladding never needs to be painted and provides tremendous R ratings when you get the insulated vinyl variant. Should your vinyl siding endure harm (for instance, through a harsh storm or violent hailstorm), it is often just necessary to exchange the damaged region.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding is a first-rate selection for those wanting intense durability, remarkable beauty, and minimal upkeep needs — this style of siding may easily last for 50 years!

Fiber cement siding offers many advantages, such as appearing like authentic wood or cedar shingles but with better qualities such as being resilient to dampness, pests, rotting, heat, and fire. Typically, installation of fiber cement siding only needs to be done once and it will dramatically increase a property’s worth.

Our company utilizes James Hardie’s first-rate fiber cement siding products. These fiber cement sidings by James Hardie are fading resilient and can handle any type of weather in northern Virginia, needing rarely any maintenance. James Hardie provides a wide selection of items, ranging from classic shingle-style cladding to sleek boards and textured panels for all types of preferences.


Secure Funding for Siding Replacement in South Riding

NOVA Exteriors is a respected and well-regarded siding provider in South Riding, VA that understands that siding installation and replacement can be a pricey endeavor and not every homeowner can afford them. We are pleased to offer financial solutions to make it more feasible for people to do their necessary renovations.

Qualified individuals can take advantage of reliable financing with our trusted partners Wells Fargo, EnerBank USA, and Synchrony Financial. Those who qualify can benefit from:

  • A speedy and straightforward application and acceptance system
  • Adjustable, personalizable payment choices
  • Profitable interest rates


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    Best Siding Options for Curb Appeal & Home Exterior Protection


    Vinyl products are now available in so many more styles and colors than the basic white color we’re all used to.

    With NOVA Exteriors’ high standard vinyl materials, your house will be protected from the elements, have a great-looking appearance that compares to more expensive choices, and easy-clean maintenance. If storm or hail damage occur, only the parts that are damaged need to be replaced. It’s no surprise that economical vinyl exteriors are today’s favorite with homeowners.


    Fiber cement offers eye-catching styles that will boost home value, and protect your residence through the worst kinds of weather. 

    NOVA Exteriors uses top quality James Hardie fiber cement shingle products, that carry long-term warranties, and come in cedar and wood-grain styles, along with great color options. They’re made with an exterior protectant that seals out moisture and keeps colors vibrant. James Hardie fiber cement shingles are designed to withstand 150 mph winds, falling branches, rain, snow, and sun.

    Get a free estimate from an exceptional siding company in South Riding

    NOVA Exteriors can provide exceptional siding to South Riding, VA homeowners which would protect their home’s foundations, require less maintenance, save energy costs, and increase the appeal of the property. Many satisfied customers have already made the choice to work with NOVA Exteriors.

    Feeling uncertain about which type of siding is ideal for you? Fill out our online questionnaire or call us at (703) 322-1500 to book a complimentary meeting with our nearby home siding experts.

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