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As a leading window contractor in Leesburg, VA, we at NOVA Exteriors supply and install high-end windows to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. If you need to replace your windows, you can rely on us to provide you with premier installation services. 

We carry a comprehensive range of window sizes, styles, and colors. Our team can help you choose a window that matches your preferences and your home’s architectural style. 

You can also rest assured that your new window installation will keep your property’s interior comfortable during the muggy Leesburg summers and the cold, snowy winters. In addition to indoor comfort, a new window installation results in long-term savings. Our windows feature cutting-edge insulation technology that reduces your energy bills. 

You can expect this home improvement to transform your property’s appearance and feel, giving you more natural light, clear outdoor views, and optimal curb appeal. 

Choose our reputable technicians for superior customer service and a best-in-class window installation from start to finish. Call us at (703) 322-1500 to schedule a new window installation. You may also fill out our convenient online form.


Professional Window Replacement in Leesburg, VA | Eye-catching Designs for Your Home


Double-hung Windows

This classic design is one of the best options for optimal indoor ventilation, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency.

Casement Windows

Our casement windows offer superior security ratings and are suitable for most architectural styles.

Sliding Windows

A sliding window provides an unrestricted view of your home’s outdoor environment and is ideal for optimizing your available indoor space.

Awning Windows

Our awning windows feature weather-tight construction and provide superior ventilation and privacy.

Picture Windows

Make the most of your outdoor views with a picture window installation. These designs also allow more natural light into your home and have minimal maintenance requirements.

Bay and Bow Windows

The protruding shape of bay and bow windows creates the illusion of more indoor space. These windows have a unique appearance that will enhance your home’s curb appeal.


Top-quality Window Installation in Leesburg, VA | Distributors of Verde Windows

As one of the leading window companies in Leesburg, VA, we at NOVA Exteriors can provide you with a window installation solution that aligns with your lifestyle. 

We are proud to provide Verde Windows. This leading brand is increasingly becoming a favorite among American property owners, and our customers rave about its reliability. These windows offer a comprehensive range of benefits:

  • Energy efficiency: The high-end features of Verde windows include UltraCore™ insulation, which has the same thermal properties as a freezer door. These properties are due to a polyurethane core and open-cell polyurethane foam wrap insulation.
  • Solar coating: The sun’s UVA rays can pass through window panes, heat your home to uncomfortable levels, and damage your furniture, flooring, and belongings. The Verde products we install feature a SolarPlus™ coating, a reflective metallic shield that prevents the sun’s heat from entering your home. During the colder months, this barrier keeps your heat inside your home.
  • Self-cleaning properties: Verde’s SolarClean™ self-cleaning glass forms part of the outer window surface and allows the sun’s UV rays to break down dirt, grime, and debris. When it rains, this residue washes away without leaving streaks or spots.


Partner With the Leading Window Company in Leesburg, Virginia | Affordable Payment Plans

We are a window contractor in Leesburg, VA, with 27 years of experience in the home improvement industry. Our professional installers have an excellent track record and will treat your home as if it were theirs.

As part of our hassle-free window installation solutions, we can help you set up a payment plan to make the window installation as affordable as possible. Through our partnerships with EnerBank, Medallion, and Synchrony, we provide our customers with finance plans to fit every budget. Depending on the project scope, you may start your window installation with an initial payment as low as $50.

Our licensed window contractor in Leesburg, VA, will assess your needs during our in-home consultation and provide upfront pricing. Call NOVA Exteriors at (703) 322-1500 or connect online to schedule a no-obligation consultation or request a window installation quote.



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Require minimal maintenance, lovely to look at, and easy to operate.


This type of window is beautiful, provides maximum air flow and opens outwards with the turn of a handle.


Similar to a sliding glass door, only it’s a window! These windows are not only aesthetically appealing but they’re highly energy efficient.


The awning window opens out like a casement window with the exception that it opens out from the bottom, instead of from the side. These types of windows provide maximum airflow and provide a lovely unique touch to a living space.


If you crave sunlight and just can’t get enough Vitamin D, then why not consider opening up your living space with a beautiful picture window? The picture window provides ample sunlight and maximum energy efficiency.


The bay and bow window is a gorgeous window that would make a lovely addition to a bedroom, sitting room, guest room, or any room. Have a seat and enjoy the views outdoors on a picturesque day, while savoring the fact that you’re saving loads of money on heating and cooling costs.

We’ve made it easy to get started on your renovation project sooner.

We have great bank partners with Synchrony, Enerbank, and Medallion, which give our customers every opportunity to find a finance program that is right for you. Depending on the type and size of your project, you can experience paying as little as $50 to get the renovations started.

Our Project Consultants offer free in-home consultations and estimates by appointment. They will work with you in all aspects of your project from start to finish. You will have a detailed outline on pay schedules so that all expectations are clear and discussed before the work begins.

Appointments are available Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 8 pm, and Saturdays, from 9 am to 8 pm. Schedule your free consultation and estimate today.




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