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Your Professional Roofer in Herndon, VA

 If you need a reliable roofer in Herndon, VA, then contact NOVA Exteriors at (703) 322-1500 for detailed information about their quality roofing solutions.

When it comes to making improvements on a property, reinstalling the roof is among the more difficult tasks. It can be attractive to attempt to do the roof work yourself in order to save some money and steer clear of trying to locate a professional roofer. Nevertheless, attempting to complete roofing repairs without the necessary skill or knowledge may be hazardous and potentially result in more expensive repercussions.

At NOVA Exteriors, our main aim is to provide a hassle-free experience. We possess the expertise to efficiently and properly install superior roof systems, gained from years of experience in the trade.

When to arrange for a roof replacement in Herndon

Replacing a roof can be a costly affair, causing many property owners to delay it until the situation has become urgent. However, it is essential not to procrastinate, or else the uncontrolled harm can deteriorate further and cause severe issues for you and your relatives.

Throughout its years in Herndon, VA, NOVA Exteriors has acquired extensive knowledge concerning the durability of rooftops and the components requiring attention during repairs or upgrades.

It might be necessary to have a new roof installed if you observe any of these signs:

  • broken, ruined, or absent tiles
  • seepage through the ceiling or walls
  • stains caused by liquid
  • vegetation accumulation on the top of a dwelling

Furthermore, if your rooftop is quite antiquated, the building materials could be worn out and fall apart, which can have an adverse impact on the airflow of your abode.

Routine upkeep can prevent larger complications, but eventually, you’ll probably need assistance from a pro. NOVA Exteriors is the top roofer in Herndon, VA and they’re available to help replace an aging or broken roof. Your well-being and security are of paramount importance.

Ensure Home Security Through Professional Roof Installation in Herndon

The NOVA Exteriors professionals based in Herndon, VA understand the unpredictable weather conditions in Northern Virginia, from heavy rain to strong winds and hailstorms, which can all cause lasting damage to roofs. If neglected for an extended period, minor troubles can develop into expensive and hazardous difficulties.

At NOVA Exteriors, our goal is to provide long-lasting and robust roofing solutions for your most important asset – your home. We prioritize quality when it comes to materials and are committed to helping you protect your investment. Therefore, we provide roof setups that give homeowners better insulation and protection from the elements, energy efficiency, and reassurance.

Selecting NOVA Exteriors allows you access to a streamlined three-step approach to accomplish your domestic renovation objectives sooner.

We give you a complimentary appraisal. Realizing that life is hectic and time for home improvement can sometimes be hard to come by, we offer the initial examination free of charge.

We are eager to fulfill your desires. Our squad will converse with you and comprehend your objective so that we can carry it out perfectly.

We provide you with a detailed breakdown of our plan in stages. Making a substantial investment in roof installation can be worrisome. Therefore, we are pleased to answer any inquiries you may have concerning our processes and to keep you informed of the progress.

Whatever the aesthetic requirements for your exterior design, NOVA Exteriors in Herndon, VA is equipped to provide a first-rate roof system that will stand the test of time. The experienced roofers at NOVA Exteriors have an excellent record of superb craftsmanship coupled with top-notch customer service.


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Certainteed Roof Materials

If you do need new roofing materials, Nova Exteriors offers only the best. We work with Certainteed Materials Corporation, and all of their products carry the Good Housekeeping Seal. That means they have the approval of millions of satisfied customers, and it speaks to the fact that our work is beautiful, professional and polished. More important, its reliable.

Certainteed also offers solar-powered roofing that’s sleek, streamlined and designed to look as beautiful as regular shingles. This will put money in your pocket by helping you lower your energy bill.

Certainteed currently offers three roofing system options-the Apollo II, Apollo Tile and Solstice. All three work together to increase the efficiency of the roofing system, and Certainteed’s customer warranties are some of the best in the business.


Roof damage is a perfect example of how this all works. This area is prone to hail, wind and storm damage, and as a result contractors come here from across the country looking for roof work. This can be confusing when it comes to getting fair value compensation for storm damage to your roof, and the process requires experience and knowledge to help you work with your insurance company.

We can tell what kind of damage is covered and what isn’t, and we can also help you understand your rights and options when you file a claim. The quote we give you will include documentation of all roof damage, along with a replacement estimate.

In addition, we’ll represent you by talking to your insurance company on your behalf, which will make it possible to get started on your project much more quickly.

    Why Work With An Expert Roofer in Herndon?

    It can seem like a daunting task to embark on replacing your roof, however, when you decide to go with an experienced Herndon roofer such as NOVA Exteriors, you are allocated a crew that will handle your house like it was their own.

    Do not let anxiety hinder you from the abode of your aspirations. If you are searching for a roofer in Herndon, VA, reach out to NOVA Exteriors by dialing (703) 322-1500 and find out more about our all-inclusive roofing services.

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