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It seems to happen almost naturally. Each winter, as the cold weather settles in, your ears become attuned to the sound of your furnace kicking on. You hear it that first time, and then you listen to it again. And again. Sometimes you’d swear it never stops running. And it’s no better in the summer when your cooling system runs non-stop.
Maybe it’s time to consider buying replacement windows for your home.

I Know We Need Them, But Will It Be Worth the Investment?

This question is only natural. After all, replacement windows, depending on the sizes and styles you choose, can be expensive. And if your windows are old and dated, you probably will need to replace more than just one or two. That being said, a window replacement is one project that will pay immediate dividends. And in more ways than one. Here are SIX reasons why a windows replacement project for your home may be right for you:

You’ll Save On Your Energy Bills

You expected this first one, right? Once installed, energy-efficient, multi-pane windows get to work for you immediately, keeping the heat and cold outside and allowing you to be more comfortable inside. And with your HVAC system running only when necessary, your utility bills will be far more manageable.

You Get to Modernize

Old, drafty windows aren’t just old and drafty. They’re old-fashioned. Today’s modern windows offer all sorts of unique features like self-cleaning glass. It’s true! Nova Exteriors is the sole Arlington windows replacement and installation company for Verde windows that are made with an invisible layer that allows the sun’s rays to dissolve dirt so it can be washed away naturally the next time it rains.

But that’s not all. Modern windows come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and various materials, including aluminum, wood, vinyl, and fiberglass, so you can make your home have the look you always wanted it to have.

Replacement Windows Are Easier to Maintain

Admit it. Do you have a window that is stuck closed? Or one that is held open with a strategically placed piece of wood? Replacement windows will finally allow you to enjoy your windows the way they were meant to be enjoyed. Additionally, replacement windows offer better functionality than older styles and are designed to open outward or inward for quick and easy cleaning.

You’ll Be More Comfortable.

Windows Replacement Home Comfort

While you may be elated by the lower heating and cooling bills that arrive in your mailbox, when you come right down to it, it’s all about comfort. Suppose your preferred reclining spot is near a sunny window, but you’ve always avoided it because of the miserable draft from your old windows, with new replacement windows. In that case, you can pull your favorite rocker right up next to it and relax. You just can’t put a price on comfort.

You’ll Increase the Market Value of Your Home.

With new replacement windows, your house will look better on the inside and on the outside too. And this isn’t just about curb appeal. Sure, if you’re preparing to sell your house, attractive windows will grab a prospective buyer’s attention. But they’ll increase your home’s value as well. In a competitive housing market, the fact that your energy-efficient replacement windows will promise lower utility costs will boost your standing with prospective buyers.

You’ll Be Happier!

Happy At Home After Windows Replacement

No joke! According to the National Association of Realtors 2019 Remodeling Impact Survey, while the top two reasons for a replacement window project were a need to improve energy efficiency and upgrade worn-out surfaces, finishes, and materials, the results of the projects suggested a far more emotional impact. Sixty-four percent of consumers who completed window replacement projects in their home reported a greater desire to spend time at home, with 63 percent expressing an increased sense of enjoyment and 80 percent expressing a powerful sense of accomplishment.

What Other Things Do I Need to Know About Windows Before I Buy?


Whether shopping for windows on your own or talking with installers who offer particular product lines, highly rated windows are a must. Look for the Energy Star label, or, even better, look at window ratings from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). The NFRC ratings consider the energy efficiency of windows and their ability to stand up to frigid temperatures and high winds.


Energy-Efficient Window Glass

Another factor to consider in your window purchase is the type of window glass or glazing, as this will also impact energy efficiency. Two-pane windows are the preferred choice for homeowners and are going to be more energy-efficient than single-pane windows. Whether or not you want to go with three-pane windows may depend on your budget.

Window Materials

Your choice of window materials–whether it be wood, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, or composite–will have a significant impact on the aesthetics of your installation, not to mention the durability. A knowledgeable Arlington windows replacement and installation company can walk you through the pros and cons of the various choices and show you samples of how these windows look to help you make an informed decision.

Should I Try To Install Replacement Windows By Myself?

While doing it yourself may seem like an excellent way to save money, unless you’re a window installation pro, it’s best to leave it to the pros. A professional and reputable Arlington windows replacement and installation company will make sure your windows fit correctly and back up their work and materials with a solid warranty.

So What Are You Waiting For?

When you consider all the benefits of replacing the windows in your house, it seems like a no-brainer. And if you’re looking for the leading Arlington replacement windows and installation company to take on your project, Nova Exteriors should be your first and only choice. Contact us today for a free in-house estimate.

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