When planning house renovations, many homeowners consider the do-it-yourself route. Initially, taking on a home improvement project yourself may seem like the best option to save money, and you might get excited by the prospect of working on your own home. You also look forward to the freedom to implement all your ideas without someone else getting in the way.

However, without a professional background in home renovations, DIY projects can quickly get out of hand, stressful, and costly. Homeowners who tackle these projects themselves more often than not end up wishing that they hired a professional instead.

In this post, we look at some of the best reasons to hire professional remodeling contractors for your Northern Virginia renovation project.

Hiring a Professional Allows for Accurate Budgeting and Cost Savings

A contractor with experience in home remodeling knows which tasks are necessary to complete your home renovation. When working with a contractor, you know beforehand what the scope of work entails, and you can draw up an accurate budget without worrying about unpleasant surprises.

Hiring a professional remodeler allows for significant savings that offset their labor costs. A reputable contractor stays up to date on construction material prices and can negotiate the best deals with vendors on your behalf. When contractors buy in bulk for multiple projects, their cost per unit is also lower.

 Other ways remodeling contractors save on project costs include:

  •       Offering insurance that covers any damage stemming from the renovation
  •       Implementing the latest efficiency solutions to reduce your energy costs
  •       Ensuring that all renovations are up to code from the start
  •       Minimizing human error and unnecessary material use
  •       Offering complimentary services, such as building rubble removal

A Remodeling Contractor Saves Time

When following the DIY route, a straightforward renovation project can take weeks or even months. Hiring a contractor means that your project will progress every day, not only on weekends or whenever you find the time.

If you are renovating your home yourself, you can expect to spend a lot of time educating yourself on remodeling basics—or redoing tasks. Contractors have the experience and resources to do several tasks simultaneously, saving you valuable time.

Your contractor will communicate with vendors and subcontractors, such as the plumber and electrician, on your behalf.

You will also not need to spend valuable time researching materials for your project. Reputable remodeling contractors in Northern Virginia will recommend the best products and help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Remodelers Are Project Managers

A remodeling contractor takes care of the entire project, including materials procurement and construction. Various service providers may participate in the project, and coordinating their operations is critical to ensure a successful outcome. As project managers, remodeling contractors do the following:

  •       Coordinating the schedules of vendors, subcontractors, and trade professionals
  •       Overseeing the project and solving any problems to ensure that the renovation runs smoothly
  •       Updating you on the project’s progress
  •       Supervising all operations to ensure quality craftsmanship
  •       Providing a central point of contact with all parties who participate in the remodeling project

If you don’t use the services of a remodeling contractor, you’ll need to manage the project yourself, which can quickly become overwhelming.

You Get Access to Expertise and Experience

Even as an avid DIYer, you may not have the necessary skills and equipment to complete a full-scale home renovation. On the other hand, a professional contractor has extensive experience in renovating properties such as yours. Contractors also have a team of specialists they can call in who will work together to meet your project goals.

 A home renovation can cost thousands of dollars. Seasoned contractors do every project right the first time, eliminating the need for future repairs and additional costs. By providing you with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, your contractor will also maximize your property’s value and return on investment.

Contract, Insurance, and Warranties: Mitigating Your Risk

Any professional remodeler understands that sufficient liability insurance and workers’ compensation are crucial for all construction projects. If an accident occurs during the renovation project, you won’t have to cover the cost of personal injury or damage to your property out of pocket.

Reputable remodelers also offer warranties, ensuring your complete satisfaction with the project outcome. An express warranty provides you with recourse if the work doesn’t conform to the requirements in the contract or if the materials are not new or of the best quality.

Most remodelers assist in drawing up a contract, which is a document that serves as the foundation for the project. Your remodeling contract should contain the following:

  •       The scope of work, with drawings
  •       Contractors’ license numbers and insurance
  •       The contractor’s warranty information
  •       Agreements with subcontractors
  •       Descriptions of change orders
  •       Payment schedules
  •       The project’s start and finish dates
  •       Relevant legal clauses such as a financing contingency clause and deposit escrow notice

Complying With Permits and Building Regulations

Whether you are renovating your kitchen and bath or your entire home, adhering to the relevant codes is critical, especially if you plan to sell your home.

Professional remodelers are generally up to date on all local building regulations, and they should ensure that all renovations are up to code.

Your remodeler will also help you obtain the necessary licensing and permits. Contractors generally have licensing to carry out electrical and plumbing work, and they should apply for them early, saving you valuable time.

Eliminating Safety Issues

Building faults resulting from inexperience can become safety issues. Hiring a professional contractor reduces your risk of:

  •       Electrical issues, such as exposed electric wires or system overload
  •       Plumbing problems causing mold growth and sewage backup inside your home
  •       Structural problems with your home’s foundation, floor, roof, or walls
  •       Exposure to airborne asbestos particles
  •       Exposure to harmful chemicals in paint and other construction products

Homeowners often overlook potential safety issues when deciding to take on remodeling projects themselves. Hiring a professional contractor ensures your safety and prevents damage to your property.

Hiring a Professional Remodeling Contractor

As remodeling contractors in Northern Virginia, we at NOVA Exteriors can provide you with cost-effective renovation services to:

  •       Improve your home’s comfort and functionality
  •       Reduce your energy costs
  •       Increase your property’s resale value

Contact us today at (703) 322-1500 to schedule an initial consultation to start renovating your home.

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