Are you looking for a new window in Vienna, VA? When it comes to window replacement projects, many homeowners don’t understand the importance of selecting a quality window. 

Contrary to popular belief, windows do much more than allowing natural light and ventilation inside a building. In this guide, we look at why you should choose the right window for your home.


Optimize Natural Light

Installing the right window is one of the most effective ways to incorporate natural light into your home. Maximizing the natural light flowing into an interior space creates a comfortable environment. Natural light also makes your rooms feel more spacious and brings out the natural colors of your interior elements. 

The best window types to fill your interior with natural light include: 

  •       Clerestory windows along your ceiling line
  •       Transom windows above entry doors
  •       Bay and bow windows
  •       Casement windows
  •       Double-hung windows 

Consider glass units, such as sliding doors, to increase natural light inside your home when installing replacement doors.


Reduce Your Energy Costs

According to Energy Saver, the heat loss and gain through windows increases homeowners’ energy consumption by up to 30%. With new window and door installations, you can reduce your energy bill significantly. 

Windows with energy ratings are available in various styles and frame materials, but all of them prevent air and temperature from passing through. 

If you are looking for ways to reduce your home’s energy consumption, be sure to choose an energy-efficient window consisting of two or three glass panes. These windows have sealed-in air or an inert gas such as argon inserted between each glass pane.


Enhance Your Property’s Curb Appeal

The right windows will enhance your home’s appearance. To ensure that your new windows add to aesthetic value, choose a style that matches your home’s design. 

For example, casement windows with neutral colors are an excellent option for colonials, salt boxes, and other traditional design styles. Wooden casement and double-hung windows are ideal for craftsman-style houses with natural elements. Long, double-hung windows compliment the architectural features of American farmhouse-style homes. 

Researching your home’s architectural design style can help you choose the most aesthetically compatible replacement window.  You can also consider environmental accents or your home’s trim color when selecting your window frame color.


Reduce Outside Noise

If you live near a highway or airport, noise pollution can affect your indoor comfort. Selecting a suitable window can reduce noise coming from outside, ensuring that your home is a quiet and peaceful place. 

As windows age, frames deteriorate, resulting in gaps that let noises into your home. Openings along the frame can also be due to improper installation. When installing a window in Vienna, VA, hiring a professional installer is critical to keep noises out. 

Most modern, high-quality windows block noises while they are closed. However, if you live near a noise source, such as an airport, consider double-pane windows for your home.


Protect Your Interior Against UV Rays

The sun shining into your home can create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. However, the UV rays entering through your unprotected windows can wreak havoc on your flooring and furniture. 

When the sun shines directly on wood flooring or furniture, it destroys the wood’s lignin through photo-oxidation. Wood cracking and discoloration are some of the most common results of UV damage. 

If you have leather furniture standing next to an unprotected window, UV damage can cause the leather to dry out, crack, and fade. 

High-end windows with UV protection will safeguard your interior and belongings, including curtains, rugs, and wallpaper, against UV rays.


Improve Your Home’s Safety and Security

Your windows are potential weak points where burglars and home invaders can enter your home. When choosing the right window for your home, safety and security are critical considerations. 

The types of security glass to consider include: 

  •       Tempered glass, which is around four times stronger than annealed glass
  •       Plexiglass, an acrylic glass that is ten times stronger than conventional glass
  •       Polycarbonate windows, which has a higher strength than plexiglass 

Your windows need to lock securely from the inside. The various locking mechanisms available include: 

  •       Locks that require a key to lock and unlock
  •       Pin locks that prevent someone from lifting the window from the outside
  •       Sash locks that keep double-hung windows shut


Regulate Your Indoor Temperature and Humidity Levels

Indoor humidity levels that are too high can affect your and your family’s health. High humidity also means that your home’s interior may be sweaty, uncomfortable, and susceptible to mold growth. Installing the right windows goes a long way towards controlling indoor humidity and temperature levels. 

High-end windows will seal your house and prevent warm air from leaving. By trapping warm air, condensation won’t form on the inside of the glass, which keeps your indoor humidity levels low. 

You can also install storm windows, which will keep the interior window warm. If your interior windows have leaks, condensation may form on the storm window, but the storm window prevents condensation on the interior window.


Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

All the benefits of a high-quality window contribute to a higher home resale value. If you want to sell your home, installing new windows is among the home improvement projects with the highest return on investment. 

By installing the right window, you do the following: 

  •       Increase natural light inside your home
  •       Reduce your energy costs and regulate humidity levels
  •       Enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal
  •       Reduce noise coming from outside
  •       Protect your furniture, flooring, and textiles from UV ray damage
  •       Make your home burglar-proof 

The above benefits, attractive to prospective buyers, will make it easier to sell your home.


Let Us Help You Select the Right Window for Your Home

When it comes to window replacements, selecting the right window is critical. You’ll also need a professional who will install each window correctly, maximizing its lifespan and the value it offers your home. 

At NOVA Exteriors, we can help you choose a window that will fit all your needs. To select the perfect window Vienna, call us today at (703) 322-1500 for a consultation.


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