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Winter is going to be a long season for both of you and your home. As temperatures plummet outside, there are several measures you can take to prevent them dropping inside. Even the highest quality heaters you can buy will not prevent escaping from your home if your front door is old and badly insulated. There are many reasons to install a new front door before winter. This article will cover some major ones.

Here are the principal reasons for replacing your Northern Virginia door before the winter

  • Improve your home’s energy efficiency
  • Keep you and your family secure
  • New doors are easier to clean
  • You will be too busy in Spring
  • Increases your homes curb appeal
  • Protect the interior of your home
  • Better deals are available
  • A new door will help keep your home warmer
  • Doors are easier and faster to install in cold weather


Improve your homes energy efficiency

When you replace your front door before winter, you increase the energy efficiency of your home, as newer model doors provide a greater level of insulation. The doors will keep the warm air inside and the cold air outside. So, you need not worry about adding additional layers of clothing or bundling up to stay warm.

The savings made in your heating costs will quickly offset any money you spend on a new front door.


Keep you and your family secure  

While break-ins happen all year round statistically home break-ins are more prevalent during the winter as the season lends itself to property crimes. While there’s no one reason for a higher rate of property crime during the winter. That darkness comes earlier provides extra cover for anyone trying to enter a property uninvited.

Unfortunately, because of a higher level of hopelessness, people will be forced to break into houses to avoid sleeping in the cold this winter. Installing a new front door can act as a deterrent to prevent breaking through the winter.


New doors are easier to clean

Ice, snow, silt and dirt are just a reality of winter and then they easily get wedges in front of your front door and as a result leave unsightly stains and marks. This is particularly true of an older door, as they are far more difficult to clean. If you install a new front door before the winter these are far more stain resistant and do not require the constant attention the older doors do.


You will be too busy in Spring

 Replacing Your Front Door

When spring finally comes around your focus will move from your home to the rest of your property such as improving your loan planting flowers and cleaning up debris. But everything else you need to be concerned about replacing your front door will never be a priority. As a result, this should always do this before winter so you don’t have to worry about it in Spring.


Increases your home’s curb appeal

A front door is usually one of the first details that any visitor will notice. Replacing an unsightly old door will instantly make your home more appealing and, as a result, you’ll keep it looking great throughout the rest of the year. In the event you intend to sell, a new front door will also add significant value to your home.


A new door will help keep your home warmer

Insulated Front Door

During a long hard winter’s night your heating system is already working overtime, keeping you and your home warm, it needs all the help they can get. Preventing cold air entering your home to a badly insulated front door is a good starting point. Your doors feature low emissivity glass, weatherstripping, and higher quality glazing all over which reduce heat loss from your home.


Protect the interior of your home

If you’re old front door, has seen better days, but the possibility of experiencing serious damage during the winter is much higher. Higher harsh winter winds can easily blow debris against your door, causing damage such as broken windows. This could allow snow and rain to pile up on your hardwood floor. unwanted snow melt can cause mold and other expensive damage to internal flooring.

Installing a new front door before winter will eliminate the chance of it breaking because of a harsh wind keeping the interior of your home safe.


Better deals are available

Because winter is traditionally the low season for most construction companies and the vast majority of homeowners don’t do any replacements or repairs during winter, the demand for a home improvement is much lower. This door companies regularly offer special discounts just to keep business ticking over during the winter months.

As a consequence, you could easily save hundreds of dollars on the installation of a new door if you do it before winter.


Doors are easier and faster to install in cold weather

Obviously, you can replace your front door anytime you want. Despite what you might think, it is easier to work with wooden frame houses and doors in cold weather rather than in warm weather. Heat causes wood to expand and also makes the frame of your home expand. Trying to fit the door into an expanded frame causes some unnecessary problems.

The primary issue will be that your door frame is unlikely to shrink or expand depending on the weather. But installing a door during the summer can leave a gap between the door and the frame due to expansion, causing avoidable insulation issues. Installing your front door before winter means you’re going to tighter seal between the frame and the door, resulting in increased energy savings.



Obviously as a homeowner you are aware of all the winter preparations, you will need to make. But overlooking the need to install a new door, is not something you should do lightly. A new front door can save you from a lot of damage, discomfort and wasted time and money.




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