Your exterior doors significantly contribute to your home’s curb appeal, safety, and insulation. If you’re in the market for new interior doors, you’ll want to spend time researching the right materials and finding the right door installation contractor for your needs.

We’ve put together this guide to help you understand what factors to consider when replacing old doors. Read on to learn more about what to consider before a new door installation in Fairfax.


Whether you’re planning to sell your house in the next few years or keep it for several decades, your home’s curb appeal is probably important to you. Even though your exterior doors only take up a small percentage of the entire exterior of your property, they can play a significant role in your home’s curb appeal.

As a result, the style of the doors you choose should be one of your highest priorities. Your doors can either complement other architectural styles throughout your home or help create a fresh, new look that can enhance your home’s visual appeal.

A few common exterior door styles include:

  • Modern
  • Farmhouse
  • Craftsman
  • Classic

You should also consider whether to replace your doors with another single door or upgrade to double entry doors. Double entry doors can enhance your curb appeal by adding a symmetrical, expensive appearance. These doors also allow more natural light to shine into your home and create a larger entrance to move big furniture.

Considering the style of doors you want to add to your home can help you narrow door installation contractors to ones who offer your desired style. It can also help you consider what other home exterior improvement projects you may want to prioritize down the line.


Your doors act as entry points to your home. If you choose doors that are not secure and durable, intruders may be able to gain easy entrance into your home. As a result, security is another essential factor you should consider when replacing your doors.

If you’re considering exterior doors with glass elements, you should ensure that the glass sections are glazed and double-paned. Some glass doors also use bulletproof or sledgehammer-proof glass, adding a layer of protection. However, if safety is essential to you, you may want to opt for a door that does not include any glass elements.

While your door’s strength can contribute to its security if an intruder tries to break through the door, the locking mechanism is even more critical. Your exterior doors should include several locking elements to provide ample security against intruders. Including handle locks and deadbolts can make these doors extra secure.

Additionally, you should ensure that your new front door lets you see your exterior front entrance, such as through a window or peephole. If you’d rather not incorporate one of these elements into your door design, you can opt for a security camera instead.

Energy Efficiency

Your exterior doors can contribute to your home’s insulation and, therefore, your energy costs. Choosing doors that keep external temperatures outside and internal temperatures inside can help you avoid running your HVAC system as often, saving you money.

Exterior doors can showcase energy efficiency in a few ways. Sometimes, doors can have ENERGY STAR certifications, signifying that they meet high standards for energy efficiency. You can also search for doors with certification from the National Fenestration Rating Council, which provides energy performance ratings for doors, windows, and skylights.

Additionally, some door materials are simply better at insulating than others. Steel and fiberglass doors typically provide the best insulation because they are solid and sturdy materials.

However, your door frame can also impact a door’s energy efficiency. If there are cracks or leaks around the frame, air could seep in no matter what door material you choose.


Once you narrow down the style, level of security, and energy efficiency you’d like to implement with your new doors, you can begin considering what door material can help you check these boxes.

Exterior doors can come in a range of materials. Here are a few of the most common options and their pros and cons:


Wood doors are traditional door materials that are common in homes across Fairfax. Wood is incredibly customizable, as you can choose the exact type of wood and finish for each exterior door throughout your property. Additionally, contractors can cut wood doors reasonably easily to fit any frame or entryway.

However, wood is less durable than some of the other common materials on our list. This material also requires regular maintenance to stay in the best condition.


Fiberglass is a heavy-duty door material that can provide excellent insulation and energy efficiency. These doors hold up to many years of use and typically require little maintenance. They can also include beautiful finishes that mimic wood or other materials, making them very customizable.

Fiberglass doors are high-quality and long-lasting, making them more expensive than other materials. However, they can be an excellent long-term investment for your property.


Steel doors are solid, durable, and energy-efficient. These doors are also typically more affordable than fiberglass or wood doors. Even better, they can help keep your home secure against intruders.

However, steel can rust over time and may require paint touch-ups or other door repairs now and then. Steel doors also do not come in as many styles as wood doors, making them less customizable.


Finally, the cost of your new doors is an important factor to consider. You should be sure that your door stays within your budget without being too low-quality or cheap. You should also search for door installers that charge affordable prices without cutting corners.

If you’re looking for a reputable door installation contractor in Fairfax, VA, we can help. At Nova Exteriors, our door installation contractors have extensive experience helping homeowners choose the right exterior doors for their needs and installing them with mastery and precision.

Contact us today at 703-386-7949 to schedule an in-home estimate for your door installation.

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