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Front Door

Owning a dream home and keeping it in the best condition comes with responsibilities. A homeowner must ensure regular maintenance and repairs are undertaken. He or she must invest in the right replacement parts if a home improvement project is in the offing.

Changing front doors is one of the rewarding projects to undertake. However, one has to plan extensively to rest assured of the best results. This also involves having to spare a certain percentage of savings to cover the costs of this project.

The front door will not last forever, and there will come a time one has to replace it. This is a possible project that benefits a home in many amazing ways. Front doors will welcome visitors to a home, and there are other impeccable ways these doors benefit a home and its occupants. Have a look:



Choosing doors that will perfectly blend with the home’s architecture is a solid reason to invest in front doors. Select colors that harmonize with the siding, shutter, and trim of the house and for a seamless design.

For instance, go for bright hues that add visual energy to the exterior entrance. Shades of green, blue, or purple give the door a crisp and subtle appeal. Add some sidelights or transom to change the look of a dark entrance with some natural light.


Added Security

High Security Front Door

The new door designs are built to offer maximum security. They are made to resist forced entry as they are study and glued together by new technologies or techniques.


Energy Efficiency

A home will be more energy efficient with a new front door. The old or faulty door one is replacing may have holes or leaks that allow air to get in and out of the house. A new front door will offer better insulation properties making it easy to hold heat and keep it out as weather conditions change.


The Cost of Investing in New Front Doors – Everything to Know

A key facet that will hinder many people from investing in new front doors is their cost. Front doors welcome greatness to a home and investing in Alexandria door is a wise decision. Indeed, a homeowner must plan and come up with a budget that will make the whole project a success.

If the exterior door is not working correctly or looks old, it’s time to consider replacing it, and the cost of changing this door should not derail the project. He or she may not have an idea of how much replacing front doors will cost, but there is no need to panic. Here are several approaches to help determine the cost of Alexandria front doors one wants to install. They include:


Type of Front Doors

The different types of front doors vary depending on the materials used to make these doors. The cost of these doors will, as a result, vary with the material type. There are robust material options in the market, and you should go for a design that fits into your budget. Here are the different types of doors to choose:


Steel Doors

Steel Security Entry Door

Steel doors are an outstanding choice for many homes. Steel is affordable and long-lasting, and it can handle different weather conditions. Steel is prone to rust if it has scratches or dents, and it should be appropriately replaced or installed.

Steel doors are a great choice and require low maintenance. Residential steel doors are effectively used in most homes and come with an array of styles that homeowners should not have any reservations investing in.


Wood Doors

Wood Security Entry Door

Wood doors are a fantastic choice for many homeowners, and there are attractive options available in the market. Wood is a popular choice that comes with a variety of styles. One can pick hollow or engineered solid wood, single or double exterior styles.

A homeowner can also opt for economical varieties such as composite wood and engineered do that are budget-friendly. Composite wood is made from wood particles built using pressure, glue, and heat. Hence these doors are durable and attractive.



Fiberglass Security Entry Doors

Fiberglass doors are incredible for any home and come insulated with dense foam. These doors also don’t rust or dent, and one can also pick doors with smooth skin or textured skin for paint. He or she can also choose doors with different configurations with glass panels or with a wood grain.

Each material comes in a variety of styles, and he or she should pick one that feels fits the needs of the home. For instance, pick flushed, paneled, arch-shaped, pocket, or sliding choices that slide past an adjacent door.


Cost of Installing Front Door

The cost of replacing a door will also be influenced by how one has planned to install the door. The installation cost will vary depending on hardware to use, lighting, and the amount of glass one will use.

It is a demanding task, but it is wise to plan in advance and cautiously. The labor fees will vary depending kind of doors you want to install. Significantly, consider where to mount the exterior door.

Installing a new exterior door will incorporate a few cost considerations. They include:

  • Exterior door framing
  • Structural integrity
  • Exterior door sealing, waterproofing and flashing
  • Upgrading deadbolts, locksets, handles, or painting the new door.


To Hire a Front Door Installer or DIY

Do-it-yourself is a key consideration of many homeowners. However, one has to hold the skillsets or knowledge to install different exterior doors. Many homeowners decide to DIY to reduce the cost of the entire front door installation project.

Others think they will save extra money from the project than hiring a professional. However, if one does not know how to go about the entire project, he or she might fail to get the whole project right. And this is the right time to hire the services of a front door installer in Alexandria.

If one does not have the skills and knowledge, there is no need to stress. A professional handyman or installer can help with the task. Contact professionals who are experienced, offer budget-friendly services, and are licensed to operate in the locality.

It is also wise to ask friends and neighbors for reference on the best installers to hire in the locality. Review what other customers have to say about the available installers and check the Better Business Bureau for their reputation and expertise. Don’t forget to get a price estimate for the whole project.

A professional will do more than just changing the damaged doors. He or she will undertake the entire door installation project within the stipulated deadline. Substantially, an expert will promise top-notch services and ensure a homeowner gets the best possible results.

In this light, working with a professional is a great way to save more money as every task will be handled successfully. Go on and make that call, buy the best Alexandria front doors, and request top-notch door installation services.


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