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Whether you live near us in Northern Virginia or anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region, you rely on your roof to protect your home and household. Unfortunately, low-quality roofs often need repairs after severe storms and start to look less polished as wind, rain, and snow wreak havoc over the years. Consider investing in a high-quality roofing system next time your roof needs replaced to take advantage of more durability, a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, and other benefits.

Nova Exteriors is a roof contractor Fairfax and Northern VA homeowners have trusted for decades with their roofs and other home renovation needs. We never oversell our products and services and always remain punctual and professional. We’ll help you discover the best roofing material for your home from our high-quality options, but first, let’s look at the benefits of high-quality roofs.


Six Benefits of Investing in a High-Quality Roof

Does your current roof provide the durability, appearance, and interior comfort you expect? A new high-quality roofing system can improve your home’s appearance, comfort, value, and more.

Let’s look more closely at the six primary benefits of investing in a high-quality roof from a reputable roofing contractor:


1. Increase Your Home’s Value

Many new roofs can increase a home’s value, but one constructed using high-quality materials can significantly raise the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Home shoppers know how expensive roof replacements can be, so they often love the idea of not having to worry about the roof for many years to come. Not only will buyers love it, but they may also be willing to pay a premium for that sense of security.


2. Improve Your Home’s Appearance

Attractive Professional Roofing System

Whether or not you plan on selling your home, you can benefit from the polished appearance of high-quality roofing systems. When you invest in higher-quality materials for your roof, the result looks more attractive for a boost in curb appeal and some well-deserved homeowner pride. 

Imagine how a higher-quality roof may look on your home. Do you want a different style of shingles or shakes, or perhaps a different color? A new high-quality roof can help you turn your vision into a reality, even if you’re not selling and the transformation is just for you.


3. Spend Less on Repairs and Maintenance

Many homeowners avoid high-quality roofing materials because they cost more to install, but consider how much you can save without constant roofing repair and maintenance costs. Lower-quality materials may cost less upfront, but manufacturers use cheaper materials to produce them, so they fail more quickly and don’t provide the durability of better materials.

Rather than accepting regular roof maintenance as unavoidable, consider a high-quality roof installation. You’ll experience a new peace of mind knowing you can count on your roof to last for years or even decades. Get in touch with an experienced roof contractor in Fairfax at Nova Exteriors to learn about our durable roofing options.


4. Stay Protected from the Elements

New modern roof installed with fewer risks of leaks and issues

Rain, snow, and debris blown by the wind would easily access your home’s interior without the roof. Intrusive water can cause severe damage if left unchecked, but you can gain peace of mind by opting for a high-quality roof.

Investing in high-quality roofing materials allows you to enjoy better protection with less risk of leaks and consequential issues like mold and mildew growth. Mold represents a danger to everyone in your household. It stinks, compromises air quality, and can prove challenging to remove.

Instead of stressing about what kind of roof damage the latest storm may cause, enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you’re protected with a high-quality roofing system.


5. Lower Energy Costs and Stay Comfortable Indoors

A high-quality roof can help you maintain a comfortable interior temperature without running your heat pump, furnace, or air conditioner non-stop. High-quality roofing materials and insulation make it easy for your home to remain comfortable year-round while avoiding high energy bills caused by poor insulation and subpar roofing materials.


6. Reduce Outside Noise

Quiet High-Quality Roofing System

Better-quality roofing materials also help reduce noise from outside, which becomes especially important if you live in an urban area or sleep during the day. If you live on a busy street or deal with noisy neighbors, a new roof may be able to help you find more peace and quiet inside your home.

With the many potential benefits, why not invest in a high-quality roofing system for your home?


Nova Exteriors Installs High-Quality Roofs in Fairfax

Whether you go with a metal roof or traditional shingles, you’ll reap many benefits when you invest in high-quality roofing materials. Your roof will provide a higher home value, enhanced curb appeal, longer-lasting protection, and more indoor comfort. Get in touch with a roofing contractor in Fairfax today to discuss your roofing material options.


Why Trust Nova Exteriors with Your New Roof?

The team of professional roofers at Nova Exteriors specializes in asphalt roofing and uses only the finest materials from Certainteed Materials Corporation to ensure our clients can rely on their new roofs for years to come. With nearly three decades of experience, we provide top-quality work on every job and produce beautiful and reliable results. In addition to installing and repairing roofs, we can also handle your siding, window, and door needs if you’re tackling a whole renovation project or think it may be time for a full window replacement.

Do you need financial assistance for your roofing project? We partner with several banks, including Synchrony, Medallion, and Enerbank, to help customers finance their home projects. Get in touch with us to discuss your home project and financial needs. 

Our roofing company is bonded and insured and provides free in-home estimates. We want to be the top choice for a roof contractor Fairfax and Northern VA residents turn to. Schedule your free estimate with Nova Exteriors online or by calling (703) 322-1500, and we’ll begin with a no-pressure at-home visit and a customized plan to improve your roof.

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