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Alexandria VA Window Replacement

It doesn’t matter if you once had high quality double glazed windows fitted by a high-quality professional, the fact is windows will only last you around 15-20 to years at best. And although they might seem that they’re doing fine, they may not be doing their job properly. Depending on when these windows got fitted, it might be time to think about getting them replaced.

It goes without saying that windows are one of the most important parts of a property. So, making sure to keep them updated will be in your best interests to ensure you’ve got a home that you know is safe for you and your family and you also can have peace of mind knowing you’re not wasting your money by unnecessarily updating them.

But how can you know when your windows need changing? That’s what we’re going to talk about today, so keep on reading.


What are the telltale signs?


You can see visible damage (not just scuffs)

One of the obvious signs that your windows need replacing is that there is visible damage around the windows, though we are not talking about little scuffs here and there, this is completely normal. What we are saying is if you can see that they are rotting or the windows appear to be cracked, this is an urgent sign that your windows need replacing.

Mold and dampness can often form when the windows are cracked, meaning that your home will not be properly insulated, which will raise your energy bill costs. The appearance of having poorly kept frames will impact the overall look of your home, and if you’re trying to sell the property, this will most certainly hold it back from getting the price it deserves.


Energy bills are higher than usual

Old Windows

We briefly touched on the fact that when your windows are not doing their job, it can mean your home is not being insulated properly, which results in the home needing much more energy to keep you and your family warm.

One of the best ways to know this, beyond comparing bills to previous months, is by standing near the windows you think need changing and see if it feels colder than the rest of the room. If the glass is also cold to touch, then it’s highly likely that your home is not being insulated properly. Meaning that you’re most definitely wasting energy thanks to faulty windows.


Your windows are hard/annoying to open

We’ve mentioned issues that can affect your health as well as the money in your wallet but now we want to outline an issue that could just be getting in the way in terms of inconvenience. There is nothing worse and more frustrating when it’s absolutely boiling in your home and all you want to do is let the nice summer breeze in and your stiff windows put up a fight.

There can be many reasons as to why they don’t open up such as warped frames or the foundation may have shifted ever so slightly over the years which has caused your windows to no longer fit properly.


You don’t have double glazed windows

Double Glazed Windows

There may be absolutely nothing wrong with the windows, and you may not be able to see any of the problems which we’ve outlined here, but one of the issues is that they may not even be double glazed. This is a big no-no if you want to make sure that your home isn’t too cold in the winter or too warm in the summer.

Take a closer look at your windows, and if you can only see a single pane, then it’s definitely time to think about getting your windows replaced by a company like Alexandria Window or any other local specialist who can fit them professionally for you at an affordable price.


Your home isn’t soundproof

Another obvious way which you can tell that your windows may need replacing is that your home just isn’t soundproof, since modern windows are designed intentionally to reduce the sound transferred. Which can make the world of difference if you live on a busy road. If you can simply stand inside your home and can clearly hear what is going on outside, then it might be time to get those windows replaced by a professional and finally enjoy some peace and quiet.


The items in your home are fading in color

Furniture Fading from Sunlight

Modern windows are most often built with UV protection as this helps to block out the sun’s rays from causing your furniture to fade, such as leather sofas or cream carpets. If you have old windows throughout your home, you will most likely be able to see this type of damage throughout. You have two solutions to this problem:

  • Never open your curtains every again
  • Replace your windows with much more modern ones

We think we might already know which one you’re going to choose…


You can visually see condensation on your windows

Not only does it affect the performance of the double glazing but condensation can also cause real problems in the property. If you see condensation buildup on either of the panels on the inside of your home, this could show that there is a ventilation issue and ideally you would need to install higher quality windows to solve such a problem.

The biggest issue with this condensation is that this shows that the two panels have failed and will not be doing much to help keep your home warm.



So, should you replace your windows?

Well, if you have any of the issues which we have listed above, whether it’s down to the pure look of the windows or there is actually a functioning problem that comes along with any of the issues outlined, then it’s time to consider getting your home some new modern windows.

Although this can cost you plenty of money upfront, the benefits of having a much warmer home can save you money and prevent any underlying health issues down the line. Not to mention that your home will look up to date and more modern too. Which will help to increase its value when you come to sell the property in the future.

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