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Is your home’s siding looking a little worse for the wear? If so, you may be wondering if you can get by with a simple repair job or need a complete siding replacement.

If the issue is minor, you may be able to make do with a low-cost siding repair. However, if your siding is old, has several problem areas, or is having trouble blocking out moisture, you may benefit the most from a new siding installation.

Weighing the pros and cons of repairs and replacements is an excellent way to determine the right siding service to schedule. Read on to learn about when to repair or replace siding, then contact us at NOVA Exteriors today for an in-home siding estimate in Springfield, VA.

Types of Siding

Siding Products

The type of siding your home currently utilizes plays a role in whether you need to repair or replace the siding. Here are the three most popular siding products and some advantages and disadvantages each offers.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is an affordable, low-maintenance siding material that is popular among homes in Northern Virginia. This material is easy to clean and does not require paint touch-ups, as manufacturers bake the color into the material.

Vinyl siding also has a pretty impressive lifespan. If you maintain your siding well and fix minor issues as they occur, your vinyl siding can last for up to 60 years without needing a replacement.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is a classic siding material that is a bit more expensive than vinyl. You can paint this material to match your color scheme and easily repair damage using putty or replacement boards. However, you will probably need to repaint wood siding every five years to keep the paint looking fresh and neat.

Engineered Wood / Fiber Cement

Engineered wood siding is more affordable than traditional wood siding and requires little maintenance. Manufacturers create this material by binding wood chips together, giving the siding an attractive wood-grain appearance. However, this material tends to retain more moisture than other materials, often leading to water damage over time.

Common Siding Problems

Siding Fades and Cracks

It can sometimes be challenging to recognize problems with your siding that indicate the need for a repair or replacement. Some siding issues are obvious, while others are unrecognizable without a thorough property inspection.

If you have not scheduled a siding maintenance or repair appointment in several years, we recommend walking around your Springfield property and checking your siding for the following issues:

  •   Cracking: Cracks can occur in your siding from storms, hail, tree branches, or other impacts. Not addressing cracking can lead moisture to seep into the siding, creating mold and damaging the siding over time.
  •     Fading: Spots, discoloration, or faded paint can indicate that your siding is outdated and in need of repair.
  •   Moisture: One of the primary roles of siding is preventing water and other moisture sources from seeping into the structure. If you notice wet spots or mold on your siding, the siding could begin to rot, requiring a replacement.
  •     Noise: If you notice creaking noises from your siding, especially on windy days, this could indicate that the siding is coming loose.

Many of the issues on this list could benefit from either a repair job or a replacement. A home improvement contractor can help you determine the most cost-effective, beneficial route to fix these problems before they worsen.

Top 3 Reasons to Repair (Instead of Replace) Siding

Siding Repair Services

Depending on the type of siding problem you are experiencing, you may not have a clear answer about whether to repair or replace the siding. Repairing the material provides some benefits over replacing it and is suitable in certain circumstances. Consider these three advantages of scheduling a repair job rather than a completely new siding installation.

Saves Money

Repairing small problem areas within your siding will save you money in the short term. A siding replacement is much cheaper than an entire new installation.

Saves Time

A new siding installation can be time-consuming and span several days. Scheduling a minor repair instead can save time and create minimal disruption to your everyday routine.

Fixes Small Issues

If your siding is suffering from a minor issue, such as a small hole or crack in one area, there’s no need to replace the siding that’s covering the entire house exterior. Instead, you can probably get by with a siding repair and save the total replacement for a few years down the line.

Top 3 Reasons to Replace (Instead of Repair) Siding

Siding Replacement Services

Sometimes, replacing your siding altogether is more beneficial than attempting to patch problem areas. Here are the top three reasons you may want to replace your siding instead of repairing it.

Boosts Resale Value

A new siding installation can effectively raise the value of your property. If you’re planning to sell your home in the next few years, your siding installation could pay for itself in the boosted resale value you create through this endeavor.

Creates a Cohesive Appearance

Even the best siding installers cannot always match a siding repair job to your existing siding perfectly. Repairs tend to be noticeable and can sometimes even be an eyesore because they do not create a seamless appearance with the rest of the siding. However, a complete siding installation can produce a more cohesive, attractive appearance.

Upgrades Your Material

Installing new siding presents an opportunity to upgrade your low-quality siding material for a newer, more innovative type of siding. For example, you can replace your current material with insulated siding to save money on your energy bills.

Contact NOVA Exteriors for a Consultation

If you’re still unsure about whether to buy new siding or just repair the old siding, we can help. At NOVA Exteriors, we have ample experience helping Springfield, VA, homeowners determine the best siding solutions for their properties. We’d be happy to come to your property, inspect your existing siding, and help you make the wisest decision about a repair or replacement.

Contact NOVA Exteriors today at 703-322-1500 to schedule a consultation with our siding Springfield contractors.

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