Repair and Replacement of Roof

You may think it’s too early to worry about the winter months. But, when it is about your roof, it should be there in your mind always. That’s because winter is unpredictable. And, you have to make sure whether your roof is constructed in the right way to withstand the harsh climate during that period.

Taking important precautions at the right time will allow you to enjoy the snow without worries about roof repair. Also, you can have your roofing system evaluated by a reliable company like roof replacement NOVA. But, before that, you may try these simple, easy tips first.

Examine and keep the gutters clean – Gutters are an important part of your roofing system. So, it is crucial to prepare them for winter. Debris accumulation and clogged gutters lead to a number of issues especially during that period.

Gutters allow the rainwater and melted snow away from your house. However, if the function stops, you could be facing serious damages and problems. Water pooling on the roof can lead to leaks in your interiors.

Also, there is a risk of ice dam formation. Hence, it is necessary to clean gutters at least two times a year. A professional, with experience and safety precautions, can help you out.

Trim trees surrounding your house – Branches hanging out from tall trees contribute to the accumulated debris on the roof. So, even if you clean the gutters, the continuous falling of branches and leaves during winter could give you worries.

House Roof Surrounded By Trees During Winter

To save yourself from the issues resulting from clogged gutters, it is better to manage some time and deal with the trees. Heavy, long trees can be hazardous during bad weather. They lean towards your home damaging certain outdoor areas.

Raccoons and squirrels climb these trees and find a great way to access your home’s attic. Hence, it becomes important to trim the trees and long bushes around your home to prevent damage.

Try to keep pests out – Remember that it’s winter not for you alone, but for other living beings such as birds, mice, raccoons, squirrels, etc. They are looking for warmer places to settle during the winter months. And, they may find your home as a great place.

They get inside your home through the roof. As a result, they can cause some serious damage to your interiors. And, it may affect your comfort badly. Thoroughly examine the roof and make sure they remain safe from damages in the winter season.

Inspect your roof flashing – One of the important aspects of roof flashing is that it prevents leak. Hence, any kind of issues around it can damage the interiors of your home. Roof flashing is made of galvanized metal or aluminum.

It is a protective mechanism that allows the water to flow outdoors and prevents spillage inside your home. Flashing is located on all joints, intersections, edges of the skylight, and certain areas of the chimney.

The flashing sometimes gets torn because of rough weather and leads to leakage. Call a roof replacement contractor and they will ensure all the parts are tightly secured and sealed.

Preparing for ice dams – These are formed when snowmelt accumulates behind the ice buildup alongside the edges of your roof. Water from ice dams backs up under your shingles and leaks inside your home. You can prevent it from occurring by cooling your attic.

Ice Dam Formation on Roof

All you have to do is provide the roof with enough ventilation with the help of an air channel along the ridge and beneath the shingles. The main purpose is to keep the temperature the same on the underside of your roof and on the surface. This way, the ice won’t melt.

Check your roof shingles – Quite similar to the flashing, the shingles can experience a lot of wear and tear, especially if the roof is very old. Missing and loose shingles can lead to a number of issues. And, if not dealt with before the winter season starts, the damage will have serious consequences.

You can know that your shingles have become loose or faulty after they began to lose their granules. That means you can find the granules on the gutters. You may encounter twigs, leaves or other debris accumulated underneath your shingles, or notice signs of curling.

All these indicate signs of bad, damaged shingles, which needs to be replaced. Avoiding a simple roof repair like replacing a few shingles in due time can save you from future leaks, or damages, or a complete roof replacement in the near future.

Check the attic and install proper ventilation – The attic is an important part when it comes to preparing your home for the winter season. The attic can contribute to ice dam formation on your roof and cause severe damage.

Attic & Roof Ventilation

If there isn’t proper ventilation or the attic isn’t insulated, the heat from inside your home will escape and cool air from outside would make their way inside your home. As such, your heating needs would increase, which gives rise to inflated utility bills.

The escaped heat causes the shingles to curl, resulting in the formation of ice dams on the roof after the snow melts due to the heat. Therefore, double-check whether the attic has an evenly distributed insulation or a good ventilation system that makes the air circulate.

This way, the heat would be trapped inside the home, won’t allow it to reach the roof, and reduce your utility bills used for heating the place. If your house doesn’t have a proper ventilation system, or it isn’t functioning as it would have, call roof replacement experts to access the situation and provide a solution.


When you are approaching the cold, wintery days, it is a good idea to keep a close eye on your roof. Whenever you suspect anything awkward, don’t just get up on the icy roof all by yourself. Even better, eliminate the stress by calling a roof replacement company now.

Contact us today and we will guide you through the process. We can help you assess the damage done on those problematic areas and provide you with the latest solutions needed for the task. This way, you can enjoy a peaceful winter at home.


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