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Door Installation in Springfield, VA

Show your personality before guests even step inside your home with a custom door installation. Our front doors represent portals to our private spaces. Distinguish your home by choosing a door design that reflects you as a person.

Our team at Nova Exteriors in Springfield, VA, has compiled a list of the enticing benefits of installing a new front door. Read on to discover them, and feel free to reach out to us if you live in Northern Virginia and would like to talk about getting your door replaced.

1.   Enhanced Curb Appeal

Liven up the entire neighborhood with a new front door that accentuates the beauty of your home. As the centerpiece of your home exterior, the entry door ties the whole house together. More importantly, your door serves as the focal point for anyone viewing your house. Installing the right front door will significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal.

2.   Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of modern doors continues to improve with each generation. The products labeled as energy-efficient 15 years ago cannot compete with the doors available today. If you find yourself looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, installing the latest doors can save you a considerable sum on energy bills over their lifetimes.

Energy-Efficient Glass

Make your new door even more energy efficient with the latest glass panels. A door with glass will never outperform a solid piece of wood when it comes to heat loss. However, you can still purchase a beautiful glass door and do the responsible thing by installing dual panes. Every homeowner can have the best of both worlds — more light and better energy efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Frames

Many homes still have wooden frames that provide reliable security and insulation. However, many modern door frames deliver superior results on both fronts. Plus, composite frames prove more resistant to pests and rot while supplying the added strength of steel. Ask your installer about the most energy-efficient products once it becomes time to put in a new door.

3.   Personal Expression

Express yourself without saying a word by installing a personalized front door. More so than any other part of your home exterior, your entry door offers the perfect opportunity to hint at who you are. Many homeowners spend more time deciding on the style of their front doors than the rest of their exteriors combined.

4.   Better Security

Strongly-built and stylistic storm entry door

Depending on the age and material of your current front door, a new one will often provide better security. Don’t forget that the latest types of hardware available on the market today also provide better protection, including the latest:

  •     Deadbolts
  •     Cylindrical door locks
  •     Safety chains
  •     Magnetic locks
  •     Latches
  •     Keypad locks

In Virginia, many homeowners choose to install storm doors to protect their new investment in a front door. The latest storm doors provide superior protection from the elements while adding a stylistic touch.

5.   Increased Fair Market Value

Raise the value of your home with a high-quality front door installation. Based on its size, style, and materials, your new front door could increase the value of your house by thousands of dollars. Sometimes, homeowners even commission one-of-a-kind front doors by well-known designers that run well into the quintuple digits.

6.   Advanced Technology

One of the fascinating benefits of installing a new entry door involves all the new front-door technology that emerged over the last few years. From your place of work, you can see anyone who comes to your door and let them in remotely on a smartphone app. You may even encounter advanced systems that require a biometric match to gain entry to the house.

7.   Balance of Light and Privacy

Wooden entry door with balanced light and privacy

A new entry door will give you more control over your privacy and the amount of light that enters your home. Discover some of the ways to balance light and privacy below.

Maybe your current door is a solid piece of wood, and you would like more morning sunlight in your house. Or perhaps your house’s previous owner installed an ill-advised glass door that looks directly into a bedroom down the hall. This time, you can enjoy the ability to balance light and privacy in a way that suits your home’s layout as well as your sensibilities.


Let even more light into your life with elegant sidelights. Sidelights give the appearance of a wider doorway and permit the transmission of additional light. They also offer an extra opportunity for you to decorate your home in a way that represents who you are and what your family is about.


Crown your front door with a gorgeous transom. A classic touch that lets guests know they will soon step inside a custom home, transoms give homeowners one last way to accent their doors. If you plan on putting in a new front door, you might as well go for it all and install a transom.

8.   Superior Quality

The quality of front doors has vastly improved over the years. Modern doors outperform old-fashioned doors in several areas. For example, the latest doors are more:

  •     Strong
  •     Pest-resistant
  •     Energy efficient
  •     Technologically advanced
  •     Durable

9.   Updated Styles

Beautiful and appealing front door styles

One of the most fun things about upgrading your door includes choosing from all the beautiful new styles available. Every year, dozens of new front door styles emerge. Some appear modern, while others have a more classic appeal. Spend plenty of time searching for a door you truly love because you will find yourself forced to look at it for years to come.

At Nova Exteriors, we often install custom doors our clients have purchased. Make sure the artisan who creates your unique front door understands the forces that a door experiences. On occasion, some custom doors prove too fragile for day-to-day use. Check with us if you’re in doubt.

Nova Exteriors: Your Complete Home Solution

Hire our established professionals to handle your new door installation in Springfield. At Nova Exteriors, we offer premium home improvement services in Springfield, VA, and throughout Northern Virginia, including the installation of all door types. Some of the services we provide include the installation, repair, and replacement of:

  •     Windows
  •     Roofing
  •     Siding
  •     Doors

Find the perfect front door for your home. Contact one of our friendly representatives at Nova Exteriors by calling (703) 991-0063 for the installation of your new front door in Springfield, VA.

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