When you’re preparing for window installation in Ashburn, you’ll find overwhelming information about all the different window options and installers. How can you tell which windows are best for your home and budget?

Our team at NOVA Exteriors wants to help you learn how to pick new windows, including the frames, glass, casings, grids, energy-efficient upgrades, and installation methods. We operate throughout Ashburn, Virginia, Northern VA, Washington, D.C, and the surrounding Maryland areas. Continue reading to select the right windows for your house, or give us a call, and we can create a customized recommendation!


What Are the Main Types of Windows?

Once you decide it’s time for a window replacement, you have a few standard options to choose from:


Single-hung Windows

Single-hung (sliding) windows are the most common, opening from only the bottom and allowing you to slide the glass upward.


Double-hung Windows

Double-hung windows open from the top and bottom, allowing you to tilt the pane at an angle to clean both sides of the glass.


Casement Windows

Casements windows open and close like a door, meaning the entire window swings outward.


Awning Windows

Awning windows only open partially from the top, creating an angled appearance when you tilt the glass inward.


Picture Windows

Picture windows offer expansive views into your surrounding outdoor areas, though they do not open.


Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows have three sections that jut outward from your home, creating a curved effect and offering additional window-sill space.


Picking the Right Window Frame

The window frame is just as important as the window itself. The frame seals your home, keeps moisture out, and locks cool or warm air inside. During your window installation project, you can choose from the following quality products for your frame:



Wood frames offer excellent insulation, though they rot and suffer water damage much easier than the rest of the options on this list.



Vinyl frames often appear less stylish, though they still offer decent insulation at a low cost. You don’t have to worry about vinyl damage as frequently as you do with wood.



Aluminum frames lock moisture out in even the most humid climates, though they do not control the temperature well.



Wood-clad frames have wooden interiors with a vinyl or aluminum coating, offering the best insulation and strength. Occasionally, water may leak through the outer layer and rot the wood.



Composite frames use recycled materials to create a wood-like appearance that’s far more durable and better for the environment.



Fiberglass frames also use recycled materials, though this option is the top choice for energy efficiency.


Understanding the Glass Options

The next step of your window installation in Ashburn is choosing the right type of glass. Window glass comes in a few different strength levels. Single, double, and triple-panes refer to the layers of glass and overall thickness. Most recommend picking double-pane glass for ideal insulation, though harsh climates might benefit from triple.

Next, you can add different treatments to improve the glass’s performance. Low-emissivity (low-E) glass has a thin coating that works like sunglasses, reducing the strength of UV rays entering your home. Choosing a vacuum-sealed Argon filling between the panes of glass is another way to improve insulation.


How to Pick the Right Casing

The casing is the molding that surrounds the window frame. You likely have casings on all of your windows and doors. Interior and exterior casings do not affect the performance of your windows, though they enhance your home’s style.

The main types of casing designs include:

  •       Complete casings surround the entire frame.
  •       Low-profile options sit flat and offer a clean, minimalist design.
  •       High-profile casings rise far above the wall’s surface with unique carving patterns.
  •       Modern designs usually have clean, flat lines that blend into your home.
  •       Traditional options offer a slightly lifted design.


Choosing a Grid Pattern

The grid pattern usually comes with the design when you pick your windows. Grid patterns determine how many panes of glass make up your window and fall within the following style categories:

  •       Colonial: Six equivalent squares
  •       Prairie: One large center pane with small rectangular borders
  •       Arts and crafts: One large pane surrounded by various skinny rectangular pieces
  •       Cottage farmhouse: Two large panes mounted on double-hung frames
  •       Todor: Diamond-shaped panes
  •       Victorian: Elaborate shapes and patterns, including diamonds, squares, and rectangles
  •       Contemporary: Large, single panes


Making Your Home Energy Efficient

If energy efficiency is the main goal for your home improvement project, then your windows are the perfect place to start! For optimal energy efficiency, choose a double- or triple-paned window with low-E glass, Argon fillings between the panes, and a fiberglass frame.

The Verde Window from NOVA Exteriors offers one of the best energy-efficient designs on the market, with insulation as strong as a freezer door. Our windows also offer increased solar coatings to prevent UV rays from entering your home.


Picking the Best Installers for the Job

After picking your windows, you need to find experienced contractors to install them. When installers don’t properly seal windows, you can end up with water leaks, cold drafts, increased outdoor sounds, higher electric bills, mold, and frame decay. A proper installation lengthens the lifespan of your purchase and ensures that it lives up to all your insulation and energy-efficient needs.

Our team at NOVA Exteriors has decades of experience installing high-quality windows in luxury homes. We make sure your windows perform the best they can.


Leave It to the Professionals—NOVA Exteriors Contractors Will Help You Pick the Best Windows for Your Home!

When tackling window installation, Ashburn homeowners should call NOVA Exteriors to find the right best option. Our team will examine your home, recommend the best products, provide a customized quote, and walk you through the process. Our team serves Ashburn, Virginia, Northern VA, Washington, D.C, and the surrounding Maryland areas.

Call us at NOVA Exteriors today at (703) 322-1500 to find out which windows are best for your home!

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