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A functioning front door is a homeowner’s pride and joy. Guests who have trouble getting in or out of the house due to a stuck front door isn’t what most want to see. Experiencing this is embarrassing for the guests and for the person who owns the house. Moreover, this is without a doubt true to the business if it happens to their customers.

Door replacement service is what people need for making the entrance and exit of their homes and buildings smooth once again. However, considering that doors rarely get replaced, many don’t know when they get this. So, when should a door be replaced?

How Long Do Front Doors Last On Average?

The longevity of a front door depends on maintenance, usage, and material. With good maintenance, the front door can last for a lifetime even when used extensively. On the other hand, a homeowner might have to get a new front door every 5 years if his or her existing front door isn’t well-tended.

As for material as the basis, here is a quick summary of the specific service lifetime of a front door:

Wood Door

Wooden Front Door

  • pine front door lasts for 10 years without a constant coating; 20 years with a constant coating
  • cedar door lasts for 20 years without constant coating; 40 years without constant coating
  • mahogany door lasts 60 years without or without constant coating
  • hollow wood doors last for 30 years with or without constant coating

Steel Door

  • a steel door lasts for a hundred years, especially those made out of alloy. On the other hand, a solid steel door might not last as long, as it’s prone to rust.

Fiberglass Door

Fiberglass Steel Front Door

  • a fiberglass door, just like a steel door, will continue to work as long as the house exists. Even so, this doesn’t mean that it will work well throughout its lifetime.

How To Know If A Front Door Needs To Be Replaced?

Misalignment (In the Case of Double Doors)

Misalignment is when the edges or the grooves of a double door don’t clamp together. Misalignment is likely to have happened whenever the individual pieces of the double door feel like they’re pushing with each other. As a result, a homeowner needs to push or pull forcefully for the double door to close.

Lots of factors can make a double door misaligned. Strong earthquakes are one definite culprit because it loses the hinges where the individual pieces attach. Another certain factor is poor installation wherein one piece of the double-door might have been installed slightly lower or higher than the other.

Deterioration of the Coating

All doors are coated in the factory with either paint, varnish, or exterior grade oil. The coating eventually deteriorates without accounting for the type of door. Moisture and heat are the most common cause of deterioration. Sunlight contributes to it as well.

When the coating deteriorates, the door’s original color will become lighter. In the case of wooden front doors coated with varnish, deterioration will eventually give them a yellowish look. Some don’t change their color tone but lose their luster instead.

Deterioration can be remedied by applying a new coating on the door. However, this won’t function as well as the original coating. That’s why it’s best to get a new door.

Presence of Cracks, Dents, Mold, or Rust

Cracking, denting, molding, and rusting will eventually happen depending on the type of the front door. Cracking is common for old fiberglass and wooden front doors.

Molding is common on wooden and metal doors. Denting is unavoidable if a house or building was using metal or fiberglass front doors for a long time. Rusting is inevitable in old metal doors that haven’t been applied with a fresh coating for years.

It’s best to get a door replacement because a heavily damaged door might also damage the frame. This is very true in the case of molds, which start on the door then gradually make their way on the frame, the hinges, and knob.

Constantly Getting Stuck

Old Front Door

Getting stuck on the frame is common for old front doors. What causes this is damage to the hinge, the edges of the door, or the door frame itself. A door that keeps getting stuck is dangerous and costly. It prevents immediate exit from the house during sudden fire breakouts. Its continuous usage requires regular replacement of doorknobs.

But before getting a stuck door replaced, consider looking at the hinge or the doorknob. Usually, replacing these will totally solve the issue. However, if the issue persists after replacement, getting the front door replaced is the next most effective step to do.

Insect Infestation (In the Case of Wooden Front Door)

Wooden front doors are beautifully classy and elegant. They fit without accounting for the style and design of the house. However, a downside with them is that they’re prone to insect infestation.

Termites commonly damage wooden doors. They love to devastate wooden doors made out of hollow wood. In contrast, termites can only devastate wooden doors, made out of hardwood, not properly coated.

Aside from termites, woodworms and longhorn beetles destroy wooden doors. These are a nuisance because they leave the door looking fine on the outside but rotten on the inside.

Creaking Noise

A front door should always be quiet regardless it is opening or closing. And if it’s making a loud uncomfortable creaking sound, consider getting a replacement.

Loose and rusted hinges are the common cause of creaking noise. Homeowners can get them replaced or oil them before deciding to get the front door replaced.

But if the creaking noise remains after oiling or replacing the hinges, the surface of the door may be too old for the hinges to attach well. And for this reason, it’s best to get a new one.

Where To Find Door Replacement Alexandria?

Our company offers front door replacement and installation services at the most reasonable price. We have all types of doors that your family needs. Contact us and we’ll inform you of the available front door styles, types, and sizes.

In our company, we believe that a good living won’t be possible without good doors. That’s why we provide front door installation and replacement that our clients will be happy with for many years.

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