Are you starting a renovation project for your Northern Virginia home? If so, finding a quality home services contractor is essential and directly affects whether you’ll have an ideal construction process or a stressful one. Here at NOVA Exteriors, we take pride in our work. If you need a reliable general contractor for home improvement in Northern Virginia, we have the skill and experience to handle your project. We provide a range of home improvement services, including installation of windows, siding, and roofing.

Our collection of windows and doors are more than just functional; they provide a contemporary aesthetic and boost curb appeal to elevate your house to something more modern. You’ll also get maximum insulation and energy savings with our energy-efficient windows.

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How to Get the Best Possible Contractor for Your Home Renovation Project

If you’re starting a renovation project at your Northern Virginia home, staying on time and within budget is probably priority number one. However, finding a home improvement services professional you can trust and rely on to get the job done right is just as important, if not more.

Home improvement projects can be stressful enough for homeowners without worrying about finding the right home improvement services company to do the work. That’s why we’ve collected these must-read tips for Northern Virginia homeowners who are about to start the hiring process for a general contractor.

Do Your Homework

When you’re finally ready to renovate your existing space, start by researching all the companies in Northern Virginia that you’re considering for your home improvement project. Follow these steps when researching house contractors:

Check Qualifications and License Numbers

First, check licenses, qualifications, and insurance numbers. Verify that the business has a valid license for construction and renovation work in Virginia, and then write down the numbers for your records.

It also never hurts to ask for additional credentials or qualifications. Here at NOVA Exteriors, we’re proud to say that our experienced team has been an Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner 12 times!

Check Reviews

Next, check reviews and customer testimonials. Whether it’s on Google, the BBB, Angie’s List, or another site, take the time to read reviews from prior customers.

Don’t forget to ask for references, either. An above-board company should have at least 10 references. Here at NOVA Exteriors, we’ve completed jobs for over 7,500 homeowners in Northern Virginia, and you can read customer testimonials right on our website.

Be Realistic About Timeframes

Be prepared to have some patience with the construction and accompanying debris, especially if you have a big project and complex design ideas. A reputable home improvement company will probably be very busy, and you may have to wait a few weeks before they can even start your job.

Next, create an outline detailing what services you want for your new home renovations. Decide if you want to create a simple, functional living space or something grand and fanciful. Don’t forget to consider the cost of renovation staples like painting, windows, electrical, flooring, plumbing, new appliances, and more.

Also, don’t expect the construction process to be quick, especially for extensive house and property renovations. Project completion may take months or even a year, but you’ll be so happy with your new space that it won’t matter how long it took to get there!

Ask About Subcontracting

Many home improvement contractors in VA use subcontractors to get their work done. Some pass it on down the line to their own project managers; others might subcontract to another company entirely.

Subcontracting is a common aspect of the remodeling industry. You may think you’re hiring one company for your home improvements, but then somebody different shows up at your house to do the electrical work or replace your roof and windows. If your ideal construction process involves one company that can renovate your entire house, skip the ones who subcontract.

Figure Out Financials and Ask for an Itemized Bid

Perhaps the most critical aspect of remodeling projects is cost. First, create a budget for the total estimated cost of your renovation space and any additional expenses. If you have a limited budget, ask the companies you’re considering if they offer financing or loans for home improvements.

Next, ask the architect or project manager for an itemized bid and price estimate. For example, let’s say your current project is kitchen remodeling. During your consultation, ask for an itemized bid showing individual prices for labor, materials, and other expenses.

Common materials you’d see on a kitchen remodeling project include flooring, painting supplies, electrical, cabinets, windows, etc. The bid should also include estimated labor charges, whether as a flat fee per day or an hourly rate.

Finally, ask if the business has completed other kitchen remodeling projects similar to yours, and ask about the total construction cost for those projects.

Warning Signs and Red Flags

The ideal construction process is one with a reliable general contractor that does a fantastic job, always answers the phone, and has a lot of time to spend renovating your Northern VA house and property. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Here are some red flags homeowners need to watch for:

  •   Asking you to apply for construction permits
  •   Demanding all the money upfront (never pay more than a 10% deposit)
  •   Quoting you a bottom-of-the-barrel price
  •   Lacking an online presence or advertising
  •   Having numerous bad reviews or BBB complaints
  •   Demonstrating poor communication skills
  •   Not having a portfolio or references
  •   Pressuring you to sign a contract

Contact the Home Renovation Experts at NOVA Exteriors in Northern VA

Home improvement can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Here at NOVA Exteriors, we can help you create the new living space of your dreams. Our windows, doors, roofing, and siding provide affordable protection, and they’re the perfect way to elevate your home’s curb appeal.

To learn more about our professional contracting services for home improvement in Northern Virginia, call NOVA Exteriors today at 703-991-0063 to schedule your free in-home estimate.

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