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For many homeowners involved in home improvement Alexandria VA, it can seem like a never-ending project. Your quest to keep your home up to date, functional and comfortable means there’s always something to be improved, replaced or repaired.


Here are 5 Home Improvement Trends in 2020 you might be interested in.


#1 The safety and security of the home has remained a priority

Home Security System

Security and safety are always of paramount importance, especially when improving your home. But this is seeing a significant spike in the last 3 to 4 years as homeowners view both as increasingly important. CCTV installations are up nearly 100%, as are the installation of bollards and security gates. fire system upgrades, have also seen a spike in popularity in 2020.

Using unmonitored home security systems is just one of the smart tech trends are on the rise, as more and more homeowners are becoming tech savvy.


#2 Up steps Generation Z

Mobile Online Shopping

The latest generation of homeowners are no longer millennials; we know them as Gen Z. They’re more pragmatic and security conscious than any other generation before them, and when they embark on home improvement projects these two are high on their list of priorities

Since this generation grew up in the digital age, the first thing a Generation Z member will likely to do is to use social media mobile apps or websites in order to gather information regarding home improvements.

A lot of them are also becoming first time home buyers and making small but reversible changes to their properties is a growing trend. They also have a tendency to purchase via their mobile devices and, if you’re looking to target this generation, mobile shopping needs to be a growing strategy for retailers.

As purchasers, they value information and convenience for products. Their ability to quickly scan and research information and buy these products within a few clicks has allowed them to swiftly make decisions about home improvement projects without having to worry about delays.

Providing this generation with information regarding home improvements using online platforms can easily prompt them to buy the products that they need via their mobile phones. They no longer have to reach into their wallets because everything can be done through a digital payment system allowing them to either pick up their purchases in a few hours or wait for next day delivery. 

One of the growing trends of 2020 in the home improvement field has been the fact that retailers have turned their attention to the buyers of this generation. More are optimizing their websites and social media platforms to make them more mobile phone friendly to ensure they can provide solutions to any home improvement challenges at the touch of a button. Generation Z buyers can be loyal to companies that make their life and shopping as easy as possible.

#3 DIY projects are still growing in popularity

DIY Home Project

Millennials are still playing a huge part in the home improvement market as they step on to the property ladder or move up, they’re becoming more and more immersed in DIY home improvement projects in 2020 more than any other age group

25 to 35-year-old homeowners are more likely to tackle a DIY project than any other age group. Building driveways, removing internal walls, fitting new kitchens or plastering their own houses, this age group love a challenge

This is in a stark contrast to 20 years ago, it now takes adults up to 8 years to purchase their first property. Because of this, the value of DIY and home renovation has exploded as more and more millennials are focused on purchasing cheaper fix it up properties to allow themselves to get on to the property ladder faster than previously thought. They won’t be turned off by questionable carpets with stained wallpaper or drooping ceilings, they’ll happily get stuck into DIY projects and start working on the home of their dreams

Because of the free access to information, it empowers most millennial homeowners to remodel and renovate their homes with no hands-on intervention from professionals. They can use video tutorials, Pinterest, social media, and other technology to plan more DIY projects. It’s not unusual for millennial homeowners to do vast amounts of research before purchasing items. Leading to an increase in how to do blogs and videos to help guide perspective buyers towards their DIY goals.


#4 Smart tech is on the rise

Smart Refrigerator

Another one of the interesting home improvement trends of 2020 has been the rise of smart technology as more and more homeowners have installed it in their homes to make their lives easier and more comfortable. The smart tech devices provide a variety of unique solutions to homeowners. Smart tech devices both improve efficiency and are easier to use due to the relatively simple designs. Using innovative functionalities, they can help homeowners accomplish tasks in a smarter, more efficient manner than ever before. Here are some examples of devices that make home renovations easier.

  • Smart tech devices that use Z-Wave
  • Thermal. Leak detectors
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners
  • Wireless LED lighting
  • Smart refrigerators

This technology is becoming increasingly popular as it can be remotely controlled using your smartphone. The only thing you need to be conscious of is ensuring you have a secure connection to your Wi-Fi


#5 More focus is being put on Green homes

Eco-Friendly Home

As younger generations are becoming more conscious of the dangers of climate change and the impact it is having on their lives and environment, green homes are on the rise. People are recycling more, consuming less red meat and using far less plastic. More and more homeowners are incorporating plans to make their homes eco-friendlier during any home remodeling phase. 

This trend is also being driven by a large proportion of tradespeople introducing more and more eco-friendly products. More homeowners are reusing or recycling old materials, metal, plastic and even upgrading to electric vehicles. Another part of this trend is the gravitation towards less power reliant machinery and tools. 

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