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Siding Repair & Replacement

If you are planning to replace or repair siding on your residential building in Alexandria, then one of the most important things to focus on is to hire a good siding contractor for your project. To complete your project promptly it is necessary to hire a contractor for siding replacement Alexandria who can understand the needs of your home and deliver it on time. But finding a reliable and competent contractor is not easy unless you know a few things to focus on during this process. Some of the important tips to hire a good siding contractor in Alexandria may include:

Decide on your siding product: Today various types of siding materials are used from which people choose to depend upon their durability, attractive looks, and cost. So, while hiring a good siding contractor you should first of all the types of siding materials you want to install. All siding contractors may not be able to handle all types of materials as they can specialize in handling particular types of materials like contemporary vinyl siding and traditional pine siding etc.

Hiring Siding Contractor Online

Talk to at least three contractors: In order to find a siding contractor of your choice, you can search online as well as offline. After checking the reviews of their previous clients, you should shortlist at least three contractors for siding replacement. You should discuss your requirements with all the three contractors you have shortlisted and ask them to give their quotes. It will help you in comparing their estimates and facilities provided by them to find the best one for your project. At this stage, you should focus on aspects to make the final decision instead of price only. The siding contractor you finally chose must have enough experience and knowledge in this field so that he can make understand the entire process easily.

Ask for references: after you have made up your mind about hiring one of the siding contractors you have shortlisted, you must ask for references so that you can talk to them. Your contractor should provide you names and contact details of a minimum of three previous customers. If he is not willing or unable to give you references, then you choose from the other two on the same criteria. After getting references you should talk to them to know their experience with that siding contractor and quality of their work. You can ask a few questions like:

  • Did they complete their project on time?
  • Were you satisfied with their work?
  • What price did they quote?

Project Portfolio of Siding Contractor

Ask for a picture or portfolio: You can ask your siding contractor to show some photos of their previous finished projects. It will help you to know about the quality of workmanship of your contractor, especially when you want to use certain specific materials.

Ask for a written estimate and contract: When you have finally selected a contractor for siding replacement then he must provide you an estimate in detail and a contract with all the terms and conditions discussed with you in writing. You should read the estimate and contract thoroughly before signing it. If you are not able to understand any point, then you should feel free to clarify it before signing the contract. It should also include a guarantee on his work. It will bind the contractor to amend the defects occurring in his work within the time of guarantee.

Benefits of hiring a siding contractor

People usually install siding to make the exterior of their home look good along with protecting it from natural elements. Though some people use DIY methods to install siding on their home to save money but others usually hire a siding contractor for proper installation of the siding as it can give their house an outstanding look than other houses nearby. Though you will have to spend some more money while hiring a contractor for siding replacement, but it can provide you some additional benefits also. The benefits of hiring a siding contractor may include:

Professional Siding Contractor

Your presence is not required: It may take several weeks to complete a project of siding due to changing weather conditions. If you do it yourself then it can disturb your professional as well as family life until the project is completed. But when you hire a siding contractor then your presence is not solicited every time. You can focus on your other important works as the contractor will continue to work on your project. You can supervise him any time whenever you are comfortable.

Experiences and expertise: When you hire a siding contractor then you can use his experience and expertise while selecting the right siding material for your home. The professional installers of the contractor will use their experience while installing or siding replacement at your home. You cannot avail of the benefit of experience and expertise if you do it yourself.

The requirement of permits: Before starting to install siding on your home you will have to obtain a permit from the local authorities, depending on the area you live in, which is a very irritating and time-consuming process. When you hire a contractor then you need not worry in this regard as they know about the requirements of the code and the process of obtaining necessary permits.

They support their workmanship: If you are installing the siding yourself and anything happens wrong on your siding project then you will have to handle the problem yourself as there is no one to warranty your work. But when you hire a siding contractor then he will be responsible for whatever goes wrong at your project.

Efficient Siding Contractor

Have peace of mind: after hiring a siding contractor, you will not only save time and money but also have peace of mind as you need not worry for anything if something goes wrong with your siding within the warranty and guarantee period. Your siding replacement contractor will be bound to take care of every defect in his work.

So, if you are planning for siding replacement then you can call us any time through phone, or email to discuss your project and we will provide you a quotation after inspecting your site before starting to work with you after your approval.


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