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When you take a first glance at a house, what do you notice? For most people, the first thing that catches their eye will be either the house’s shape or its siding. Siding is like a fashion style, the haute couture of architecture! What your house “wears” on its exterior makes it stand out in the crowd, looking sharp and stunning. Siding provides the texture, color, and style that makes your house look distinctive.

What’s more, siding protects your home from storm damage, water damage, and other dangers. However, no siding lasts forever. Is your house’s fashion looking outdated? Faded? A little tattered and shabby? Maybe it’s time for a new outfit. Dress it up!

If you’ve delayed replacing your worn-out siding because of the cost, here’s why investing in a new siding installation in Fairfax, VA, is a good idea.

Top Reasons to Replace Your Old Siding on Your Fairfax Home

1.      Rotted Siding

Damaged Siding

Rotted siding is unsightly, and wood siding is the most susceptible to this problem. Besides being unappealing, rot compromises your siding’s ability to protect your interior. Signs of rot include warping or bulging surfaces and crumbling sections.

If the rot hasn’t spread, you can save money by replacing only the damaged portions. If the rot is visible on most of your siding, replacing everything with a rot-resistant option, like aluminum, is your best option.

2.      Cracks and Gaps

Aged Siding

Cracks and other spaces that develop in your siding may be due to improper installation or age. Regardless of the cause, we highly recommend replacing your cracked siding as soon as possible. Why? Gaps in your siding let in moisture that can create a breeding ground for mold and other organisms.

Insects, rodents, and birds that constitute a nuisance can also enter your building through these gaps in your home’s siding. Keep your Fairfax home safe by checking your siding for spaces and replacing compromised sections.

3.      Costly Maintenance

A newly installed siding requires less maintenance than an old installation. For example, an old wood siding won’t retain paint as well as a new one. That means if you paint your exterior, the paint on your old siding will look faded or begin peeling long before it would on a new siding.

Instead of dealing with the cost and hassle of frequent siding maintenance, invest in a new siding installation. For best results, replace your old siding with a more durable option that requires less maintenance, such as steel or fiber cement siding.

4.      Rising Utility Bills

Your old siding may look normal from the outside, but that doesn’t mean it’s not due for a replacement. If your heating or cooling bills keep rising, it’s probably because your siding has stopped doing its job.

When your siding is in good condition, it boosts your home’s energy efficiency by keeping your interior warm and dry. It also keeps out drafts, and when you combine it with well-installed insulation, it stops your indoor heating or cooling from escaping outside.

If your power bill keeps rising inexplicably, and you feel drafts around walls, switches, and electrical receptacles, don’t ignore it. Instead of losing hundreds of dollars to leaking siding, get a new siding installation for your Fairfax home.

5.      Moisture Problems

Have you noticed water stains on your ceiling? Don’t assume you have a leaking roof. The problem might be from your worn-out siding. Rotted or broken siding won’t keep out water during heavy rains or snowfall.

Such leaks can also provide a breeding ground for mold. Besides causing water damage within your ceiling or between your walls, accumulated moisture can trigger mold and mildew growth. Inhaling mold poses a serious health hazard. If you suspect your indoor moisture problems may be due to a leaky siding, contact a contractor for a property inspection.

6.      Increase in Your Property Value

When it comes to home improvement, replacing your old siding has one of the best returns on investment. Vinyl siding and fiber-cement siding installation offer returns of 68.3% and 69.4%, respectively. If you plan to sell your home soon, boost your property’s curb appeal and resale value with a new siding installation.

What’s the Best Type of Siding for Your Home?

When you are ready to replace your siding, several options are available. Each type of siding has its unique pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the most popular options.

Vinyl Siding

Affordable & Easy-to-use Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is popular among homeowners because it is affordable and available in several colors. Siding contractors also love it because it is easy to install. Regarding vinyl siding quality and durability: the higher the price, the better the product.

On the downside, vinyl siding is prone to color fading, cracking, and damage during hailstorms. Also, repairing vinyl siding is not an option. You can only replace damaged panels.

Fiber Cement Siding

Durable Fiber-Cemented Siding

Fiber cement siding may look like wood, but it is far tougher. Its sand, wood particles, and cement content make it highly durable and fire-resistant, but it’s also heavy and difficult to install. If you want a siding option that costs slightly more than vinyl siding but lasts longer, fiber cement siding is a great choice.

Wood Siding

Wood siding gives your home a natural and rustic look, but that beauty comes at a cost. Wood siding is expensive to install and maintain. Also, it’s vulnerable to water damage and termites.

Engineered Wood Siding

Engineered wood siding is a low-cost and durable alternative for homeowners that want the natural look of wood siding without its shortcomings. It is eco-friendly and easy to install. Engineered wood siding is also easy to repair but prone to moisture issues if you do not install it correctly.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is versatile, highly durable, eco-friendly, and reasonably priced. You can paint it any color you want to match the aesthetics of your property. However, like vinyl options, aluminum siding can develop dents when hit by hail or other objects. When that happens, replacing the damaged panel is the only way to fix it.


Steel siding is more durable than aluminum options and less vulnerable to dents. It’s also low maintenance and fire-resistant, but it doesn’t offer the best insulation. Also, due to its weight, steel siding is hard to install, which increases its installation costs.


Stucco siding is one of the best-looking siding options but also one of the priciest. Considering that this type of siding can last for up to five decades, its premium price is worthwhile. Stucco is also low maintenance, but it isn’t very water-resistant. If you live in a place like Fairfax that gets a lot of rain, stucco siding isn’t for you.

Are You Ready for Siding Installation in Fairfax, VA?

Before embarking on any siding replacement project, contact siding contractors for estimates and compare prices. You can also consult with the contractors to find the best siding for your budget, preferred aesthetics, and other preferences.

For more about siding installation Fairfax, please call us today at (703) 322-1500.

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