1. The Glass

Almost all replacement windows are either double or triple paned now. If you have single paned wood or aluminum windows you may have noticed the outside temperature entering your home when you are near your windows. You may have also noticed external noise being heard easily in your home. The reason for this is the single pane of glass offers no insulation from the goings on outside.

With double and triple paned windows the space between the glass is insulated with an inert gas known as argon . This insulating gas greatly reduces the outside temperature from entering your home through the glass. Argon, because it is heavier than oxygen, also helps to reduce the outside noise allowing you to better enjoy activities done inside your home.

In addition to having argon gas as an insulator, having low E glass will help block out the suns UV rays. UV cause health problem and also fade materials like your furniture, carpet, and even the paint on your walls. 


2. Features

There are many different features offered with vinyl replacement windows such as: locks, screen types, operating method, and various color options.  Make sure you’re getting the features you want and need, and aren’t paying for those which don’t provide value for you.


3. Frame Material

Given that aluminum windows conduct heat and cold into your home these windows are not an energy efficient option. Wood windows, while aesthetically pleasing, require a great deal of regular maintenance. Wood windows must be painted every 3 to 5 years, and will begin to degrade and rot over time.
Vinyl is a maintenance free option that never has to be painted while providing optimal energy efficiency, and is a less expensive option than wood.  Our Verde replacement windows are 100% virgin vinyl, which means they are first generation and not made from reground vinyl.  Virgin vinyl creates a stronger and more time resistant frame. 


4. Window Installation Process

Many homeowners look at window installation as a weekend warrior project that they can do themselves. It is very important to recognize that installing your own windows often times voids the warranty as well as can leave gaps allowing for air to more easily pass into the home.  When having your new windows installed it is important to have trained professionals efficiently install your windows for peace of mind.


For more information on Northern Virginia window replacement visit our website or call us at (703) 322-1500.

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