If your window looks like this, it’s probably safe to say it’s ready for replacement.

Inspecting your windows regularly is important for several reasons; from security to safety and more. When considering the importance of an annual window inspection, you’ll want to remember that the windows of your home are a part of the structure of your home for a few reasons.

They’re an integral part of the home’s design to dress up the home, to allow sunlight to fill the rooms of your home, for security and safety, and to keep the elements out. They’re also there so that you can open them up on a warm sunny day, or on a cool crisp fall day to grab some fresh air.

If your windows aren’t in the greatest shape, you could be suffering in multiple ways. You could be throwing money out the window (not literally) and you could be feeling the effects of extreme heat or extreme cold during the changes of the seasons.


Beneficial Reasons for Annual Window Inspections

Here are 5 reasons to consider inspecting your home’s windows yearly:

Energy Efficiency:  If energy efficiency is important to you and your existing windows are energy efficient, as the windows begin to age they may lose their energy efficient effectiveness. Checking your windows annually will help to determine whether or not your windows are still doing their job to keep extreme temperatures out of the home.

This will not only help you to remain comfortable, but it will also help you to save money on energy costs. If your windows are losing their efficiency, your heat and A/C usage will be up during the colder and hotter seasons of the year, which means that you can also expect your energy bills to go up, too.

Emergency Situations:  When an emergency situation arises, you need to have the ability to count on your home’s windows; an emergency situation like a fire where you would need to quickly exit the home but are unable to make it out the entryways. This type of situation would require a safe escape or rescue out of the home’s windows.

Security:  Making sure that your windows are in superior condition is important for security purposes. If you pride yourself on keeping your home secure and locking up the windows at night, you’ll want to do an annual check of your home’s windows to make sure that you’re safe from a burglary attempt. Make sure that all of the windows lock effectively and efficiently for security purposes.

Safety:  When a window is not in working order this can become a safety issue or hazard. Older windows in particular are at risk for becoming a safety issue. There is the potential for injury if the window no longer opens and closes effectively. When you have difficulty holding a window open and need to prop it up with something, it’s time for replacement.

Other types of windows are at risk to cause injury, too, when the window no longer opens properly. With windows that fold in, if the integrity of the window is weak, the window could fall in on its own when opened or when opening.

Pests:  When a window is ready for replacement, this may make it easier for pests to enter the home. If the window no longer seals shut, pests could enter through large cracks around the window’s frame. Any type of pest has the potential to enter the home when windows are ready for replacement; pest such as spiders, ants, and more.


How to know if it’s Time for Replacement

Now that you know the importance of checking your home’s windows annually, you’ll want to know what signs to look for when they’re ready for replacement.

  • If there are any crack(s) in the window, this is an obvious sign that we’re guessing you probably already know means that it’s time for replacement.
  • When the trim around the window appears to be rotting or having any other type of issue, it’s time to have a professional look at your home’s windows.
  • If your windows are drafty, feel cold to the touch on cold days or hot to the touch on hot days, it’s time for replacement.
  • If you have issues opening or closing the window.
  • If the windows have moisture build-up issues. This is particularly important to take note of when you have double-paned windows.

You’ve inspected your windows and have discovered that it’s time to consider replacement. Now what do you do? When your windows are in need of replacement, contact the experts of NOVA Exteriors as soon as possible to explore all of your window replacement options.

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