When considering home upgrades, many Northern Virginia homeowners fail to consider their windows, not realizing that updated styles can significantly improve both function and appearance.

Window replacement in Arlington, VA, and around the country provides homeowners with lower energy bills, better durability, improved curb appeal, and many other benefits. In this article, our team at Nova Exteriors aims to help you determine if you could benefit from new windows this year.


Eight Reasons to Replace Your Windows This Year

Could upgraded windows prove worth it as your next home improvement project? Let’s look at eight reasons why replacing your windows now is a good idea. It would enable you to:


1. Replace Any Damaged Windows

Don’t ignore cracked or otherwise broken windows. When windows become compromised, they can’t work correctly, which costs you money and could cause more expensive issues down the road. For example, windows lacking seals may let moisture into the exterior framing of the home, causing widespread wood rot and structural problems.


2. Improve the Windows’ Functioning

Do you notice fog or condensation inside your windows or drafts that make it difficult to heat or cool specific spaces in your home efficiently? These are just a couple of issues related to windows that are past their prime. New, properly installed windows will provide better function because they feature newer seals and more modern technologies that will help maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Stop ignoring that one window that refuses to open or fighting with sticky frames. New windows offer smooth, hassle-free operation. You can even invest in self-cleaning Verde windows that use sunlight and rain to keep the surface clean, clear, and streak-free!


3. Improve Your Safety

Comfort isn’t the only consideration regarding how your windows function. Windows must operate properly to ensure your safety and the safety of the other members of your household. For example, homeowners and their families face increased danger from potential fires when windows fail to open or refuse to remain open on their own.

Windows must also be able to lock correctly, even if they’re on the second story of your home, to protect small children from falling. Some windows even come equipped with features that specially target child safety. Locked windows also deter criminals who may be looking for an easy way to break into your home.


4. Lower Your Energy Bills

Old single-pane windows don’t provide the same insulation as modern windows, resulting in heat loss during the winter and making it harder to cool your home in the summer. Even modern windows become less efficient with age as the sun warps vinyl frame materials and seals wear away.

Window technology constantly improves, offering homeowners better UV protection, insulation, and longer-lasting seals. Have a professional inspect your current windows to find out if replacement windows could improve your home’s energy efficiency and help you save money on gas and energy bills.


5. Increase Durability

Window frames, especially black or darkly colored, may warp or crack over time as the sun heats the frame material. Wooden windows also face deterioration from rot, insects, and cracking. Newer windows boast better UV resistance and more robust frames, which means you won’t have to worry about your windows for many years.

Modern windows also stand up better to extreme weather conditions like storms and hurricanes. Window replacement in Arlington and across Northern Virginia becomes essential to protect against severe storms.


6. Change the Windows’ Appearance

You may decide to upgrade your windows to improve your home’s overall appearance or change the style and color to something that better suits your aesthetic preferences. Perhaps you always wanted a bay window in your office or a picture window in the living room. Maybe you want to replace your vertical sliding windows with more distinctive awning windows.

Many homeowners replace exterior features before selling their homes. If you plan on putting your home on the market, replacement windows can offer significant increases in value and curb appeal. Potential buyers appreciate the polished appearance and long-term durability of brand-new windows and may make an offer on your home over another because of this upgrade.


7. Improve Your View

Do gorgeous coastal or mountain views surround your home? Do you want a better view of the woods outside your dining room or the architecture around your neighborhood? Do you need to keep a closer eye on your kids as they play in the backyard?

You can improve the views from inside your home with new windows. You might replace old, foggy glass for a clearer picture or go with a completely different window style for a larger scene. Picture windows, for example, provide excellent views into the outdoor environment.

If you’re unsure how to maximize the views from inside your home, consult an expert. Professional window installers have the experience to help you choose and place new windows for the best possible views. Professionals can also help you remove unwanted windows if, for example, you have a window that looks out onto a solid wall or another unsightly obstruction.


8. Get More Natural Light

Sometimes, a home’s current windows don’t provide enough natural sunlight. If your house gets left in the dark even during midday, consider the benefits of replacing, moving, or adding windows. A different window style may let in more light, and a new window in the right location can transform a dreary space into a well-lit artist’s studio or home office.

Skylight windows provide an excellent option for homeowners wanting more natural light. Ask a professional what it would take to add a skylight to your home design.


Trust Our Team at Nova Exteriors With Your Window Replacement

If you need window replacement in Arlington, VA, or surrounding areas, let us at Nova Exteriors help. Our experienced professionals can handle your roofing, siding, windows, and doors. Let us tackle your remodeling project, and we’ll help you transform your home.

You can be confident in your decision to work with us at Nova Exteriors because we have almost three decades of experience, having completed more than 15,000 projects. We offer straightforward pricing and financing, a team of experienced and licensed professionals, and free in-home estimates.

Schedule your in-home estimate with us today by filling out our online contact form or calling us at (703) 322-1500.

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