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Siding Installation Northern Virginia

Exterior siding isn’t on houses for ornamental purposes only. Indeed, a house without exterior siding looks strange. But aside from making the house look good, the exterior siding is there for more resilience against snow, wind, and rain. Energy efficiency is another purpose as exterior siding helps the house to retain or effectively prevent cold from getting in.

It’s quick to get a siding installation. Nevertheless, homeowners should learn a thing or two about siding to get the best deal and avoid second-rate siding service. All of the lengthy siding articles are compressed in this article for easy reading, so take time absorbing what’s in store.

What Are The Different Types of Siding

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Exterior Siding

Vinyl siding isn’t the best option. However, many people like it because it’s an economical choice that comes in different varieties. Examples are Dutch Lap, Clapboard, Beaded Seam, Cedar Shake, and Wood Grain styles. Pricing depends on the quality of vinyl siding and largeness of the house, but on average, vinyl siding installation is at $7500.

Why Vinyl Siding?

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Not heavy on the walls of the house
  • There are lots of styles to choose from

Wooden Siding

As the name implies, wooden sidings are planks or panels made out of wood. Woods that manufacturers utilize for making wooden siding are Ash, Cedar, Charred Wood, Oak, Pine, Siberian Larch, Spruce, etc. The price of wooden siding depends on the type of wood used in its material. Durability depends on this as well.

Why Wood Siding?

  • Ideal for country-themed houses
  • Looks classy and elegant
  • A better alternative to aluminum siding

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is advantageous for those looking for siding available in different colors. Moreover, homeowners can opt to get it painted if they want a more customized look for their home. Though prone to denting, aluminum siding, if well maintained, can be replaced without taking the whole thing off the wall.

Why Aluminum Siding?

  • available in smooth and textured styles
  • can be paired with an insulated panel for increasing the commercial value of a house

Brick Siding

Brick Exterior Siding

Brick siding is similar to wood siding in that it gives the house a traditional bucolic look. However, it might be better than wood siding for those living in hot locations because it resists heat well and helps protect the house against fire breakouts. When installed well, brick siding is permanent and rarely needs replacement.

Why Brick Siding?

  • heat resistant
  • fire-resistant
  • insulates the house well

Metal Siding

Metal siding is what those looking for durability needs to have. This type of siding is resistant to fire and denting. When coated with water-resistant paint annually, metal siding even does great against rusting. Metal siding is also great for protecting the house against earthquakes since it reinforces the walls of the house due to its sturdiness.

Why Metal Siding?

  • Dent proof
  • Reinforces the walls of the house
  • Resistant to pests like termites
  • Doesn’t mold

Cement Based Siding

Cement Based Exterior Siding

Cement-based siding allows for durability and beauty at the same time. There are two types that homeowners might love to have – fiber cement and Hardie Board siding. Hardie board siding is factory painted so the colors that you’ll get are consistent. On the other hand, fiber cement siding emulates the look of wood siding, aluminum siding, brick siding, etc.

Why Cement Based Siding?

  • lasts for more than 10 years
  • has a great return on investments
  • attractive and durable

How To Choose The Best Siding?

Think About The Environment

When deciding which type of siding to get, homeowners should think about the topography of the place that they’re living on. Specific siding does better than others when it comes to resisting heat, moisture, and wind.

Those who live in a moist environment should avoid getting wood siding and metal siding. Metal siding can develop rust if you don’t recoat it with paint annually. Wood, on the other hand, will soften. And once it does, it will start to develop molds.

Another thing that you have to consider when thinking about the surroundings is the presence of bugs. Say for example, if your house is near a farm or within a farm, it’s common for bugs to be around during specific months of the year.

Since you don’t want constant replacement every time the bugs come, it’s best to get a siding that resists them well such as metal siding, aluminum siding, or cement-based siding.

Think About Your House’s Overall Design

It should be that the siding goes with your house’s overall look. Before deciding to avail the siding, homeowners should first visualize the house’s look after the installation is finished. The ideal siding should have the color or texture that matches the house’s windows, roof, doors, and even the interior.

Think About The Availability of Replacements

Exterior siding replacement is needed now and then. That’s why homeowners should think about the replacement options for a siding before deciding to get it. Two things matter when thinking about the availability of replacements; the degree of replacement job needed and the materials that are available to act for replacement.

Most homeowners prefer to get a siding that doesn’t require the technicians to take everything down. The reason for this is simple; they want a siding that is easy to replace and only needs cheap investment when damaged.

Others, on the other hand, go for sidings that don’t necessarily allow for efficient and cheap replacement service but always have the replacement materials. When materials are available all the time, it’s always easy for homeowners to get a repair for their damaged exterior siding.

What’s A Sign of A Good Exterior Siding Installer?

A great exterior siding installer has three key traits; attentive to the needs of the client, curates only the exterior sidings from the best manufacturers, and provides quick yet long-lasting installation service. We are a siding installation Northern Virginia company that operates by these premises. Work with us and we’ll give an exterior siding that you’ll be proud of.

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