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There is no denying the fact that the front door of your house is one of the first things that your relatives and friends will see when they come to your home. So, given that fact, the look on your front door should portray your characteristics and thoughts. And the amazing news is that there are several color options or ideas for your front door to choose from. Getting in touch with an Alexandria door company, you will not lack for fresh and vibrant styles and shades for your front door.

Styles or designs may vary from bold and big or sophisticated and subtle. No matter what you choose or what your taste is, there is a particular shade and style out there matching your needs.

But wait, before you drag your paint bucket, you should consider a few things about the color and design choice. For instance:

  • Check if the chosen color complements the existing scheme or whether it goes well with the hardwood patio or brick wall.
  • Check if the front door receives too much sunlight, and if that is the case, then dark colors may fade with time. You also need to consider the number of times you are planning to repaint or get it touched up.
  • Check if the outside front door color or design matches with the rest of the exterior decors otherwise it may look like a weird mismatch on Halloween.
  • Are the chosen colors enjoyed by every member of the family or does the pink color irritate your son or does the black color seem to be depressing to your spouse?

These are a few of the quite essential points to be borne in mind before you decide to whip out the rollers. If you require some sort of inspiration, door companies are ready to rock and jazz up the exterior home decor.


Here we have presented a few front door color trends in 2020


Welcoming Elegant Neutrals on your front door

Grey Front Door Color

If you are selecting a color for your front door, do not forget the soft shades of grey because they make quite a sophisticated and subtle choice. These are classic and elegant neutral colors that go exceedingly well if you already have a white house. It is an ideal choice especially for old homes that have an understated footprint style. You can also hang a basket filled with dried grasses in light beige tones if you want to subtly welcome the fall.


Subtly Mellow Yellow

The soft and subtle yellow door is also quite welcoming in quite a bright and breezy fashion. It gives a positive and fresh vibe to your guests. It tends to brighten up your grey exterior paint. If you are choosing the yellow door, you are letting the passers-by and guests be aware of the fact that you have an extensive sense of a lively and fun decorating style. You can also add contrasting flowers to your yellow front door along with a wreath and an earthy-colored doormat.


Beautiful, Bold & Bodacious Blue Front Door

Brilliant Blue Front Door

The intense and brilliant blue color is one of the most prominent front door color trends in 2020. The vivid royal or deep blue colors are quite calming and they match well with most of the other house colors. But it ideally accents the light and pale grey color of the house very beautiful. Royal blue is quite a timeless shade of blue that wears well in many seasons. You can also hang a garland or wreath with slight touches of light blue to pull off a complete look for your exterior home decor.


Mark your front door with Royal Purple

Bold purple may also be an elegant choice for your front door. Rich shades such as purple tend to draw the eyes of the passers-by and offer an exciting accent to the exterior home decor. It can catch more attention if you use a light grey or blue frame around it with a golden latch or doorknob. You can also go for purple color front doors with excellent architectural designs that will make the door standout. Use contrasting colored flowers for every season to brighten the space.


Pretty in Picket and Pink

Pretty Pink Front Door

This is by far the sweetest color and also whimsical choice when it comes to front door color trends. It never fails to brighten up the pale blue brick walls of your exterior home. With this soft pink color on your front door, you have limitless decorating options since many colors can be used to coordinate with it. You can also use bright fresh garlands on the door and almost all colors go quite well with pink.


Red Brick and White Door

The classics never really go out of fashion and even if they do, they always come back with a bang. While many of us are choosing bright vibrant colors or subtle sophisticated colors on our front door, the classic red brick exterior wall and white door with elegant windows will always remain in our list of front door color options. The door can be accented with a brass knocker and kick plate that makes the white door look fresh and clean.


Sea Color at Dawn

Turquoise Blue Front Door

You can never go wrong with turquoise blue on your front door. This particular hue welcomes the feeling of visiting a beach and brings that feeling to your home. It is not at all loud as most people will assume but unique. Use contrasting colors for the wreath that makes the turquoise blue more elegant and amusing. Use brown colors on the frames or wreath and lush greenery on the porch or around the front door. This will offer a natural accent to your home.


White Modern Doors with lots of Greens

This is another classic and modest look that you can try on your front door. The pale grey or white door gives a traditional look to the exterior of your house and goes with almost every color. Add some brushed metals to the door to give it the timeless look. The neutral backdrop welcomes every decor from every season without any clashes. Try some graceful topiaries and place them on the sides of the door to give a green touch to your front door.



While only a few options for different front door color trends in 2020 have been mentioned above, there are tons of other options that can make your house look like heaven. Our team can make your dream come true with the amazing front door colors and styles. Contact us today!



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