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Many homeowners consider windows, HVAC units, solar panels, light bulbs, and more when maximizing energy efficiency. But did you know your front door can massively impact your energy costs?

If you’re interested in purchasing energy-efficient entry doors, you’ve come to the right place. At NOVA Exteriors, we’re the go-to contractor for your door installation in Arlington.

Selecting the most efficient door replacement is more challenging than it seems. You must consider the materials, insulation, door components, installation methods, and more. Below, we discuss how you can find the most energy-efficient options for your next front door.


Energy-Efficient Front Door Materials

One of the most important factors impacting your front door’s efficiency is its material. Different materials offer varying levels of insulation that prevent heat or cooled air from escaping. The more insulation and sealing you choose, the better energy efficiency you can enjoy.



Steel doors have outer metal shells with interior insulated cores made of polyurethane for optimal insulation and efficiency. Many steel doors also include magnetic weather-stripping components that seal all seams to prevent drafts and leaks. Steel doors also offer excellent durability and security.

The main con you should consider is style. You can choose between a few metal finishes to accent your home’s style, though most steel doors will offer a more modern or contemporary appearance. If you have a traditional, Spanish, Tuscan, mid-century, craftsman, or cottage-style home, you may want to consider another option.



Fiberglass-composite doors are lighter than steel, though they still include the energy-efficient insulating polyurethane core. The outer shell offers nearly infinite styling opportunities. The biggest benefit of fiberglass doors is you can select grains, finishes, and colors that mimic most natural materials, like wood.

Fiberglass doors also offer better corrosion resistance against rust, unlike steel doors. You won’t need to worry about dents, scratches, or stains with a fiberglass door like you would with metal. Because of their durability, style options, and security, many consider fiberglass doors the best energy-efficient option on the market.

At NOVA Exteriors, we’re exclusive providers of ProVia fiberglass doors. ProVia doors offer the highest available ENERGY STAR ratings with excellent styling options to match any home.


Does Wood Insulate Well Enough?

While wood doors may seem like a traditional, sturdy option, they do not offer impressive energy-efficiency rates. Wood does not contain insulation, so it can easily let heat and cold air out.

Wood doors also typically suffer warping because the material does not withstand moisture well. Warping can increase the size of the seams around the frame, increasing air leakage and reducing efficiency.


Efficiency in Door Components

Front Door with Glass Panels

Aside from the material, various components can impact the efficiency of your door installation in Arlington. We recommend considering the components below during your home improvement project.


Storm Doors

If you aren’t ready to replace your entire door, you can consider adding a storm door. Storm doors can boost energy efficiency by adding an additional insulation layer to your entry system. You can select metal, fiberglass, or glass doors to sit atop your existing front door as a dual-layer system.

You may also want to select storm doors for convenience purposes. For example, you could select a screened option for shutting your HVAC system down and opening your windows and doors during cooler evenings for natural airflow.


Glass Panels

Often homeowners select front doors with glass panels for improved natural light. Many modern homes also choose entirely glass doors for sleek, clean finishes. While glass panels and doors may offer ample natural light and contemporary finishes, they can limit the energy efficiency of the entire door system.

Luckily, many modern windows include advanced insulation technology, so you can enjoy the benefits of glass without skyrocketing your energy bills. We recommend seeking windows with double or triple glazing, referring to the number of glass layers. Triple-glazed windows offer up to 40% more energy efficient than top-tier double-glazed systems.

You should also seek glass panels with low-conductivity gas fills. Such solutions use gasses, like argon, between the glass layers to prevent thermal transmissions through the window. Be sure to pick a system with thermal breaks that seal the insulation inside, so you don’t need to worry about gradual wear and tear.

You can also consider glass panels with low-emission coatings that reflect heat. The thin outer layer is invisible and prevents heat from entering your home so you can cut down on AC costs in the summer.


Understanding ENERGY STAR Ratings

Product with Energy Star logo

We mentioned ENERGY STAR ratings briefly, though not what they mean. The Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency created the ENERGY STAR project to set standards for various home improvement items, like windows, doors, skylights, etc.

Any product you find with an ENERGY STAR logo has approved energy efficiency from the organization, which means it can reduce your energy costs more than a standard product. We recommend selecting a front door with this rating.


Installing Systems for Maximum Efficiency

Professional Contractor Front Door Installation

Door installations impact your front door’s energy efficiency just as much as the materials and components. The seals between the door and its frame must include top-notch weatherproofing to prevent leaking drafts. Many high-quality doors come in pre-hung systems with an included frame with adjustable thresholds, tight weatherproofing, and more.

Regardless of the type of system you purchase, you must select a professional contractor to install your new front door. Our experts at NOVA Exteriors can level the frame and remove any possible gaps to create maximum energy efficiency.


NOVA Exteriors: Energy-Efficient Door Installation in Arlington

Do you need a door installation in Arlington? If so, look no further. At NOVA Exteriors, we’re an exclusive provider of the top-rated energy-efficient ProVia doors.

Our experts can analyze your home and help you pick the best system for lowering your energy costs. Our doors come in endless design options and colors, so you can choose any style to suit your home. Call NOVA Exteriors today at (703) 322-1500 or fill out our online form for door installation in Arlington.

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