Siding is the material that covers your home’s exterior walls, protecting them against elements such as the sun’s rays, wind, rain, and snow. This wall cladding also insulates your home, which helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year. 

Like all structural components, siding has a limited life expectancy. Replacing your siding at the right time is critical to prevent moisture damage, high energy bills, and a worn property appearance. 

In this post, we look at seven signs that you may need to replace your home siding in Vienna.


1.   Extensive Siding Board Rot

When rot damages your wood siding, water can penetrate the boards and seep through the paper underlayment. A rotten siding cannot protect your home against moisture and can even become a source of water damage. It also makes the materials inside the walls vulnerable to rot and moisture damage. 

Signs of siding rot include: 

  •       The need for frequent repainting to get rid of blisters or bubbles
  •       Water damage on the inside of your exterior walls
  •       Mold growth or peeling wallpaper inside your home
  •       Loose, cracked, or warped exterior boards 

If the rot spreads throughout your home’s exterior, a complete siding replacement is necessary. Various siding options are available, including engineered and vinyl siding, which have a higher resistance to rot than wood siding does.


2.   Moisture Damage and Mold Growth

Mold typically develops underneath siding panels, where it can cause damage to your siding and your home’s exterior walls. When you notice mold, immediate action is necessary to prevent the damage from spreading. 

Fortunately, mold is easy to notice and looks like a light-grey powder with black spots. Inspect your siding panels and the inside of your exterior walls regularly for mold growth. 

Siding panels that remain wet for a long time are also susceptible to algae growth. Be on the lookout for green or black discoloration on your siding boards, especially after the wet season. 

Washing your siding can be an effective way to remove algae. However, algae growth may indicate an underlying problem, such as moisture accumulation or rot underneath your siding panels. Extensive algae growth is a sign that you need a new siding installation.


3.   Cracks and Gaps

If your home’s siding in Vienna, VA, has holes, gaps, and cracks, it leaves your exterior walls vulnerable to moisture damage. Openings are also unsightly and can affect your property’s aesthetic appeal. 

Cracks and gaps can form in all types of siding, including: 

  •       Wood siding
  •       Brick and stone veneer siding
  •       Stucco siding
  •       Engineered wood siding
  •       Vinyl siding
  •       Aluminum siding

Woodpeckers and termites are the most common causes of holes in wood siding. Holes in aluminum siding are usually due to hail or stone impact. Temperature fluctuations can cause cracks in vinyl siding. 

If your siding boards have extensive damage, replace them as soon as possible to prevent moisture damage to the interior of your home. Replacing all siding boards will also improve your home’s appearance significantly.


4.   Siding Panels That Are Warping

Siding warping is when the panels deform. Warped siding doesn’t offer protection against the elements, and it can damage your home’s structural integrity. 

Various factors can cause your siding panels to warp. For example, heat exposure causes vinyl siding to warp. Homeowners who use heating appliances or outdoor fire pits near their exterior walls often need to replace their vinyl siding prematurely. 

Moisture accumulation inside wood siding also causes warping. Pipe leaks or faulty downspouts are often the root causes of warping wood siding. 

Poor installation is another common cause of warped siding boards. Nailing a panel too tightly to a wall can result in a bulge. When temperatures rise, they cause extensive warping, leading to the need for a complete siding replacement.


5.   Siding Panels That Are Fading

With sufficient maintenance, your siding can last for up to 40 years. Over time, your siding may fade and give your home a run-down appearance, even though it still may offer protection against the elements. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays is the most common cause of fading, especially in wood, vinyl, and aluminum siding. 

Various options are available to blow some life back into your siding. For example, an industrial cleaning will remove grime and stains. A new coat of stain or paint can also restore your siding’s appearance. 

However, if your siding has a dated appearance, a replacement is a viable option to improve your home’s curb appeal.


6.   High Energy Bills

Siding damage is not always visible, but other tell-tale signs that you need a siding replacement may exist. 

As siding deteriorates, it no longer offers sufficient insulation for your home. In addition to drafts near doors and windows, you will also notice an increase in your energy bills. Your HVAC system needs to work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, which increases your energy consumption. 

The aging and general deterioration are the most common causes of poor insulation ability. In many cases, a complete siding replacement is often the most cost-effective solution.


7.   You Are Remodeling Your Home

A siding replacement is a relatively affordable project that goes a long way towards improving your home. Installing new siding does the following: 

  •       Improves your home’s aesthetic appeal
  •       Reduces your household’s carbon footprint
  •       Protects your property against moisture, UV rays, and other elements
  •       Enhances your building’s structural integrity
  •       Ensures a comfortable indoor temperature 

If you are looking for a home improvement project with a relatively high return on investment, consider a siding replacement. This project is also a cost-effective way to prepare your home for the market, and it can potentially increase its resale value.


Professional Siding Installation Services

Are you looking to replace your siding in Vienna, VA? As professional remodeling contractors, our team at NOVA Exteriors can provide you with a complete siding replacement service. 

If you notice any of the above signs, be sure to contact us for a siding inspection. After assessing your siding’s condition, we will recommend a cost-effective and long-term solution that fits your budget. Our team will also help you select the best siding type and style for your property. 

Call us today at (703) 322-1500 to improve your Northern Virginia home’s appearance and protect it against harsh elements.

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