Your front door and entryway are the first thing people see when they visit your home and the last thing they see when they leave. Not only are exterior doors important for aesthetic reasons, but they also provide safety for your family and protection from the elements. If you’re considering door replacement in Ashburn, VA, the professionals here at NOVA Exteriors are here to help.

We’re in the business of providing high-quality, affordable door replacement services for our friends and neighbors here in Northern VA. Our company also offers windows, siding, and roofing installation. Contact us today at 703-991-0063 to learn more about our VA door installation services and why they’re a wise investment for your home.

7 Reasons Why You Need Door Replacement

If you’re unsure why you need exterior door replacement services at your home in Ashburn, VA, check out the following seven reasons why you should consider Ashburn door replacement and installation services from NOVA Exteriors.

1) You Can See Visible Damage

Take a look at your front door and any other home exterior doors. Are they in good condition, or do you see damage? They should shut and latch tightly, with no wiggling or jiggling in the frame.

Here are the most common signs of damage to watch out for:

  •   Excessive drafts
  •   Mold/algae growth
  •   Problems with opening or closing (sticks shut or won’t latch)
  •   Weak or loose frame
  •   Missing hardware
  •   Water damage or rotting (wooden doors)
  •   Rust or deterioration (metal doors)

If you notice any of those warning signs, it’s time for a replacement.

2) Improve Your Home’s Accessibility

Have you ever tried to move furniture into your home, only to discover it wouldn’t fit through the front entry door or even the patio door? Good news: a simple door replacement is all you need to improve your home’s accessibility.

Opting for wider door replacements can also make it much easier for you to get inside your home with a wheelchair, strollers, or oversized items. If you want to add even more accessibility and convenience, add in keyless locks or install a handle that you can open easily, even with your hands full.

3) Greater Protection and Safety

Did you know that in 2019 there were almost 14,000 burglaries in VA? Think about it: your windows and doors are the primary entry points for burglars to access your home. If they no longer provide adequate protection, it’s time to think about VA door replacement services.

Here at NOVA Exteriors, we offer a popular and aesthetically pleasing range of steel and fiberglass security doors. Our steel collection is unmatched in strength and durability, and our fiberglass options offer a modern look with superior insulation and weather resistance, just like a storm door.

4) Boost Curb Appeal

Even adding just one new door can boost curb appeal and change your home’s entire look. For example, our range of patio doors, French doors, storm doors, and sliding glass doors all have a modern, contemporary style to give your home’s exterior an improved visual aesthetic.

For a more traditional feel, we can also install doors with sidelites and transoms, which let in more natural light, making the room behind it brighter and more appealing. If you want a more significant change, you can go all out and install new windows and interior doors, too.

5) Increase Home Resale Value

Replacing your doors (and your windows, too!) can also increase your home’s resale value. If you’re planning on selling your home now or in the future, opting for door replacement or installation will pay off in the long term.

Our door replacement service provides a boost to your home’s visual appeal, increases home security, and improves energy efficiency, which is why it’s such a sound investment. In fact, replacing your front door with a new one made from steel can offer a ROI of 69% to 91%.

6) Better Energy Efficiency

If your doors are over 15 years old, chances are they’re not providing optimal insulation and protection from the weather. Installing new doors increases your home’s energy efficiency, which will inevitably lower your utility bills.

In fact, skyrocketing energy bills are a surefire sign that your home’s doors and windows are losing insulation and efficiency. Every exterior door (and all the windows) in your home should be Energy Star rated for maximum performance and protection from the elements. Generally, fiberglass and vinyl doors provide the best insulation and efficiency.

7) Less Maintenance and Upkeep

Your house requires regular maintenance and upkeep, and the doors that allow you to enter and leave your home are no exception.

By opting for a replacement of all your doors, you’re effectively reducing the amount of maintenance it takes to keep your home functioning smoothly. For a virtually maintenance-free option, choose either steel or fiberglass for your entry door, both of which resist warping and damage much better than wood.

Choose the Experts at NOVA Exteriors

When you choose NOVA Exteriors, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best possible door installation, repair, and replacement services in Ashburn, VA. In fact, our company is one of only 38 in the US awarded the Provia Platinum Club Membership, which recognizes superior craftsmanship and service.

Our Style Collection

Here at NOVA Exteriors, it’s our job to provide every customer with high-quality installation service and premium-grade products. We’re proud to say that our product range does precisely that: it offers quality, performance, and style at an affordable price.

Our collection includes:

  •     Steel security entry doors with unmatched durability.
  •     Fiberglass security entry doors.
  •     Storm doors.
  •     Patio doors.
  •     French doors.
  •     Sliding glass doors.
  •     Front entry doors.
  •     Sidelites and transoms.

Call Today for Your Free In-Home Consultation

Here at NOVA Exteriors, we’re proud to provide our customers with professional door installation, repair, and replacement services ­— at an affordable price. If you’re starting a home project, we can also install windows, siding, or a new roof as part of the job. Contact us today at 703-991-0063 to discuss professional door replacement in Ashburn and to request a free in-home consultation for your project.

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