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A failed home renovation is a nightmare that everyone couldn’t seem to recover from. Think about it, a years’ worth of savings goes wasted on a failed makeover of the house. Once the renovation is done, there’s no turning back. Whether the house looks better or worse, all that the homeowner can do is accept what’s already there.

But a failed renovation can be salvaged by redoing everything. Nevertheless, this means another building project that requires you to spend more. Not everyone has the extra money for recovering a failed renovation.

Here are five tips for a successful home renovation

Analyze The Weaknesses of The Present House

Home Renovation Checklist

Renovation isn’t only for improving the look of the house. It’s also for making it more efficient. That’s why for a successful renovation, homeowners should think about the factors that make their home inappropriate or unlivable at the moment.

Make a checklist of the weaknesses of the house that need improvement. Examples of issues to include in the list are:

  • Interior and exterior mold overgrowth
  • Poor house insulation
  • Awkward house floor plan
  • Unutilized spaces
  • House’s landscaping

Analyzing what makes a house terrible at the moment helps a lot to make a renovation successful. It’s crucial for coming with renovation ideas that make the house look better and more comfortable to live in.

Know The Limits of Your Budget

A new house that looks worse than the original isn’t the only thing that characterizes a failed renovation. Another situation where a renovation fails is when a homeowner fails to finish rebuilding the house.

And as far as the talk about failure in rebuilding a house goes, none is the more common culprit than running out of budget. If renovation is a vehicle, money is the fuel that makes it move. Everything comes to a halt when it runs out.

Before getting a renovation, be honest and ask, “How much am I willing to spend? And based on this, what kind of output can I get?”.

Renovation contractors aren’t like TLC’s Nate and Jeremiah – they can’t stretch things for you. Commonly, what they can provide is limited only to what you can afford. Be realistic and follow a renovation plan that the budget can cover.

Here’s an example to make things clear. Suppose that the budget for renovation rests at $30,00. A homeowner should think of a renovation project that plays around this value.

Going for a grand-looking house complete with a sauna, a private pool, and a vast garage is, without a doubt, impossible. Thirty thousand grand can only go so far, and the best that it can give is a simple renovation project that corrects the house’s floorplan and repairs its chipped parts.

Prioritizing Is Key

Home Renovation Priorities

It’s not a question of whether specific parts of the house have to be prioritized for renovation. Thinking about fancy things is fine, but the problem is, are these really what counts right now?

Successful renovation doesn’t only rest on the beauty of the house. It’s also about improving what really needs to be improved. For example, if the house already looks good outside, why bother renovating the facade when there’s the living, the bedrooms, and the kitchen that have to be addressed?

Prioritizing solves a lot of problems. The first is budget constraints. It’s easier to follow a renovation plan that’s not too costly but provides the best output by prioritizing.

The second is efficiency. Recognizing renovation priorities pour more time, effort, and budget on things that matter, thus making the work fall right on schedule.

The third is cost-effectiveness. Knowing what needs to be done makes it easier to avoid running out of money during mid-renovation.

As for setting priorities, asking the following questions will help:

  • What’s my purpose for a renovation? Is it for improving the house’s look, making it more livable, utilizing unused space, adding new locations, or all of these?
  • Which part of the house am I currently not happy with? Is it the kitchen, the porch, the bedrooms, the living room, etc.?
  • Am I going to add more furniture or decrease their number?
  • Is there a particular design that I want my house to have?


While demolishing the house, it’s best to take note of things that can be reused. Crafty renovation contractors can make use of these. Also, homeowners can utilize these themselves for their DIY projects. Examples are:

  • Copper wiring
  • Switches
  • Circuit breaker
  • Window frames
  • Wooden panels
  • Plastic panels
  • Tile flooring
  • Marble flooring
  • Limestone flooring
  • Kitchen countertop
  • Sinks
  • Vanities

As far as reusing goes, it’s best to ask the contractors if you can take part in tearing parts of the house down. But only do so if you won’t get in anyone’s way. If the contractors refuse, then request them to save reusable parts. By the way, ask before hiring and not while the renovation is underway.

Trust The Contractors and Make Their Work Easier

Home Renovation Contractors

Renovation isn’t an easy task. There are lots of dangers to those who are working. That’s why it’s a courtesy to let trust the contractors and let them do their jobs.

Don’t get paranoid. While the renovation is underway, learn the art of waiting and avoid nitpicking. Of course, it’s essential to ask for updates. However, only do so after a specific goal of the renovation has been achieved. Moreover, be polite enough to avoid changing your mind during mid-renovation.

In connection, it’s helpful if homeowners declutter or clean the house themselves. Though contractors can indeed take the things inside the house by themselves, it is nevertheless time-consuming for them. They appreciate clients who take the initiative in preparing the house for renovation, like removing paintings and photos on the walls, evacuating furniture, etc.


What we discussed are the generalized tips for ensuring a successful home renovation. Home remodeling contractors Northern Virginia, especially us, strive to provide clients with excellent outputs. If you have a home renovation project, try calling us if you’re nearby. We’re more than ready to take you to our current job site to see how we get things done.

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