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Renovating a home will not only improve its curb appeal, but it will also help increase its value. But before anyone begins the process, the most important thing is to understand what a modern buyer looks for when buying a home. Having the property in a serene place will definitely attract the attention of the buyer.

Energy efficiency and high-end finishes are the top determining factors for a modern buyer. That is why a well thought remodeling project would add to the owner’s comfort and add value to the property and draw buyers’ attention.


Here are some important renovation projects you can do to your home to increase the home value.

Minor Kitchen Remodeling

Upgraded Kitchen Area

Doing minor renovations in your kitchen is important as it will help boost your home’s value. Buyers will be willing to pay more to enjoy renovated cooking areas with high-end finishes. Most buyers place the kitchen among the most important spaces in a home. With the various modern kitchen options, it is easy for you to choose the right style for your kitchen.

Renovating the cooking area is not expensive, and if you do not have a plan, you might go overboard. Even if you have the finances, if you plan on selling your house in the future, you need to limit the revamp’s nature. Keep in mind if you go overboard, you will not get the value of the money back. It is important for you not to make the kitchen renovation fancier than the rest of the house or your neighborhood.


Adding Another Bathroom

In as much as you need to be cautious with the amount of spending, you will make when dealing with your home’s renovation, adding an extra bathroom will yield its results. It is the little things that offer convenience to the buyers that make the whole difference. An additional bathroom can increase your home’s value significantly. It will also help your house stand out from the rest in your neighborhood.

Finding the space to add a bathroom can be tricky, but you can consider installing it in a room that is not used often or an extra space in the house. According to bathroom installation, a half bath will require 18 feet. However, to stand up, shower or bathtub will require 30 square feet or 35 feet. The amount of money you will spend on the project depends on the additions and accessories you plan to use.


Adding Energy-Efficient Window

Energy Saving Windows

In this age and time, buyers shop for homes with energy-efficient in mind. Therefore, if your home has old, drafty single-pane windows, this might turn off the clients. When you add energy saving windows in your home, it will help save the heating and cooling utility bills. The thought of buying a house that will help in saving energy will attract potential clients.

When you install the right windows in your home, you will save on utility bills and get an energy tax credit. It is also possible for you to get some additional credits from your state or the utility company. Potential home buyers will be willing to invest in a house that will help them save. Therefore, you need to find qualified window installation companies to help you with the project. They will guide you on the right windows to get for your home.


Add A Deck

Most buyers are looking for a home that will offer an outdoor living area. If so, adding a deck to your outdoor living will help you have a more desirable home. Such homes are appealing for family people who have kids, pets, and those who stay home for vacation. If you make your deck appealing, then this will help in attracting potential buyers. A backyard where people can spend time will help in increasing the value of your home.

One of the benefits of installing a deck is that it does not have to be costly, yet it will offer you high returns. Keep in mind that you can add various things to your deck, like lighting and seats that will make the space beautiful and attractive. However, avoid using costly materials as overspending might lead to you not getting a return for your investment.


Basic Updates

Leaking Roof Repair

When you are looking for ways to improve your home, it is important for you not to overthink. You have to understand that it is the simple things that make the whole difference. For instance, basic updates will help give your house the lift it needs to stand out. Ignoring small issues will lead to your home deteriorating with time. Thus, this will lead to your home losing value. Some of the renovations you can do are:

  • Removing molds
  • Replacing rotten wood
  • Fixing leaking roofs

Keep in mind that these days’ buyers are informed, and higher valuation experts come to your home to examine the condition. The small issues in your home could result in losing a potential client or not getting enough money for your home. Buyers are looking for a solid and safe home. The signs of maintenance will reassure them that the house is strong and will offer the required outcome. If you let your house go, then you might end up selling it at a throw away rate. 

Without the right renovation company, you might not know about the improvements you can make in your home. In case you are looking for an Alexandria VA home remodeling company, you need to work with a company that has a reputation of offering the best to the clients. The right renovation company will come into your home so that they can point out some areas that might need improvement. They will also come with the right budget for you to use in your project. The article has discussed 5 of the home improvements you can do. However, an expert will inform you of the projects that suit your home.

Get in touch with a renovation company that has the reputation of offering the best services to the clients. That way, you can be certain they will give you proper guidance.


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