Your roof is more than just the cherry on top of your home. In addition to protecting your property from weather and external elements, it can significantly raise your house’s curb appeal. Whether you’re building your first home or overhauling a house that has been in your family for generations, it’s essential to work with an experienced roofing contractor. 

Working with inexperienced roofers (or trying to complete a roofing project on your own) can lead to innumerable problems down the road. Between improper installment and potential damage costs, it’s always best to avoid these problems by hiring a trusted roofing professional. 

NOVA Exteriors proudly offers expert roofing installation in Arlington, VA, and throughout Maryland and the greater DC area. For your free on-location estimate, give us a call at (703) 991-0063 

We don’t want you to choose us just because we told you to — we want you to go with NOVA Exteriors because you know it’s the best choice for your home. If you’re still not convinced that you should hire professionals for your roofing installation and repair work, check out the following list of the top five reasons to go with skilled roofing contractors:

1. Years of Experience

When you hire professionals to work on your roof, you benefit from their background and firsthand experience working on these types of projects. Roofing is a complex operation, with several moving pieces coming together to create a structure that both looks beautiful and keeps your home safe. 

In addition to reliable work, an experienced roofer knows what works best and what doesn’t apply to your home or property. Our contractors can go over all your options and guide you through making the best decisions for your home. We can offer advice on the most appropriate materials and customizations to meet all your needs. 

With a professional roofer, you’ll also never get left in the lurch if you run into issues during your roof installation or repair. A less experienced friend or worker may not know what to do with something as simple as which products work best together, or something major — like an area of unexpected damage. 

When a knowledgeable contractor meets a complication during your project, they can quickly adapt to compensate for anything that arises. 

At NOVA Exteriors, our team of contractors has over 50 years of combined experience. We pride ourselves on our ability to give you and your family the peace of mind of a job well done.

2. Trusted Safety Protocols

Any time someone works on an elevated surface (like the roof of any building) an element of danger is at play. When you add in the vigorous and precarious work of removing, repairing, and installing a new roof, the entire project raises the issue of one’s safety. 

Working on your roof without the proper experience and safety precautions included with professional services is extremely dangerous. If you or a friend were to fall from the roof, it could lead to: 

  • Significant injuries.
  • Costly damages.
  • Death. 

Professional roofing contractors have years of experience, knowledge, and training to complete your project safely. With proper procedures in place, the contracting team servicing your home can considerably limit the possibility of falls or injuries. 

At NOVA Exteriors, our contractors all wear appropriate hazard gear to maintain their safety and limit the risk of incurring an injury. Each of our contractors carries the proper licensing and insurance to protect themselves — and you — during every job. 

As a trusted roofing company in Arlington, VA, we take every precaution to keep our contractors and clients safe at all times. With our added safety measures, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve made the most prudent decision for everyone involved.

3. Excellent Service and Quality Craftsmanship

The idea of doing something yourself is always appealing. You might consider tackling your roofing installation or repair on your own, but you should take the quality level of what amounts to a DIY roof into account. 

With an experienced contractor, you’ll know that the work done to your home or commercial property will last for years to come. You also gain a lasting relationship with a trusted roofing company. Further, you’ll save yourself the strain of attempting an unknown project on your own. 

When you hire us, you become part of the NOVA Exteriors family. We treat each project as if it were our own, and we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service around. Our skilled roofers strive to make sure you feel heard through the whole process. At NOVA Exteriors, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your renovation is up to your standards. 

With knowledgeable contractors, you’ll also know that the work is up to code. Without comprehensive knowledge of your local building codes, it’s easy to commit a code violation accidentally. 

Building your ideal home should be exciting, not worrisome. Let us handle the hard part at NOVA Exteriors. Our contractors have studied local building codes extensively and can prevent or fix any building code violations. We strive to make every interaction as stress-free and relaxing as possible.

4. Insurance and Top-of-the-Line Systems

When you install a roof on your own, you also carry sole responsibility for the quality and long-term endurance of the construction. If you run into future issues or complications with your roof, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for those repairs. 

We have a labor warranty to protect our clients from faulty workmanship. With commercial roofers, you have an extra layer of protection and comfort with every job. You can rest assured that whether you need your roof replaced or any other home renovations, NOVA Exteriors will do the job right. 

When you work with a professional roofing company like NOVA Exteriors, you also gain access to top-quality products and systems for your project. We offer a range of warranties on all of our home repair and renovation products, ensuring that you’ll get the most out of your purchase. 

Our contractors can help you select products that best serve your needs. We provide a comprehensive range of roofing options, from energy-efficient products to high-end designs. 

For each project, we offer free on-location or in-home estimates. We’ll come and inspect your roof to get firsthand knowledge of what you need. With that knowledge, we’ll get to work on a custom project plan for your roof. We offer complete home solutions — protect your entire home with the best roofing, gutters, and siding systems. 

We’ll help you select the best type of roofing system to keep your home safe, optimize your home or business for maximum energy efficiency, and complete your aesthetic vision.

5. Save Time and Money

Installing or repairing your roof on your own will almost certainly become a task that consumes your entire life. If you work a full-time job, you can quickly lose all your free time to this project. 

Not only will you potentially lose personal and professional time trying to do it yourself, but you could also run into significant delays. If you run into supply issues, mid-project complications, or an area of the roof that you simply don’t know what to do with, it could draw your roofing project out for months. 

When you retain the roofing services of NOVA Exteriors, you can relax knowing that our team will complete your project swiftly, efficiently, and effectively. Our contractors will create a personalized plan for your roofing work with a timeline that works for you. 

While at first a DIY solution may appear to be the best way to cut costs on your roofing project, cutting corners now can lead to severe troubles — and charges — in the future. 

By hiring professional contractors, you can avoid costly repairs and expensive damages that accompany work from unqualified individuals. Inexperienced handymen may make choices that don’t suit your home, which can quickly lead to wasted money on the wrong products and materials, as well as unsatisfactory labor. 

Professional installation, repairs, and replacements will save you money in the long run. At NOVA Exteriors, we provide competitive pricing for leading services and work that you can trust.

Hiring Roofers You Can Rely On

We proudly offer a full range of roofing services to keep your home safe and warm. With improved safety precautions, energy-efficient solutions, and superior products and options, NOVA Exteriors is the best choice for all your roofing needs. 

Our team of skilled contractors strives to provide unparalleled service in all that they do. We believe that you should have a roof over your head that is secure and trustworthy for years to come. We’ll optimize your roofing system to ensure that everything works harmoniously toward the betterment of your home. 

For your free on-location estimate for your next roofing project, give us a call at NOVA Exteriors at (703) 991-0063. You can also reach our customer service team at, and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have about roofing or our home renovation services.

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