Congratulations! You now own a home—but buying a home is not a one-time investment. Over the years, you will have to spend thousands of dollars to keep your home looking beautiful. You may even need to make some modifications to boost your property’s space and functionality.

However, it takes skill and specialized equipment to execute a home improvement that will deliver your desired results. The best way to access such know-how is to hire a licensed contractor for your next home improvement Northern Virginia project.

However, you may be wondering: Aren’t licensed general contractors expensive?

Yes, home improvement seems expensive, but remember that you’re getting skills in design and build management as well as the cost of materials and labor. The expertise and services of a good contractor are worth every penny if you want a home remodel that exceeds your expectations. Here’s why.

Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Home Improvement Contractor

1.      Saving Money (Yes! Believe It or Not)

Some homeowners attempt DIY home remodels to save money. (“Attempt” is the operative word here!). Many would-be home remodelers never finish their project—or they get in over their heads and end up calling in the pros. So performing a home renovation yourself may end up costing more than you bargained. Unexpected DIY expenses may come from:

  • Buying expensive equipment
  • Getting injuries during projects
  • Doing more damage to your property
  • Spending more money to correct poorly done remodels

Since a professional home improvement contractor already has all the equipment to complete your home remodel, you won’t need to buy any extra equipment. Also, an experienced contractor has the expertise to complete your job perfectly on the first try. That means you won’t have to pay to have the job redone or amended.

Even better, professional contractors have commercial relationships with the vendors that sell building materials. Their connections enable them to get all sorts of materials and supplies at discount prices that regular homeowners can’t access. Since a lot of a home renovation’s budget goes to supplies, getting the best deal on materials can save you a lot of money.

Besides getting you discounts on materials; experts know how to map out a project and estimate the correct quantities of building materials they need. A detailed estimate allows them to avoid wasting money buying more materials than your project needs.

2.      Expertise

Even if you have been through several home renovations yourself, you can’t compare your experience to that of a certified expert with expertise built over decades. A contractor’s knowledge enables them to provide you with valuable advice regarding your home improvement project.

For instance, if you want bigger living spaces, a contractor can tell you if your best option is to remodel your available space or extend your property. If your goal is to add value to your property, an experienced contractor can guide you towards home renovations that can bring the highest return on investment, such as:

  • New kitchen or bath design
  • Deck or patio addition
  • Landscaping
  • Entry door replacement
  • Master bathroom remodel

For superior results, it’s best to work with a contractor with experience with the exact type of project you desire—and in your area. For instance, if your project is in the Northern Virginia area, choose a contractor with a high success rate in that location. Familiarity with your community will enable the contractor to scale hurdles that an out-of-towner might find daunting.

3.      Safety for All

A poorly executed home improvement project can compromise the safety of your house. Instead of endangering the lives of everyone on your property, enjoy peace of mind by letting a professional handle your renovations.

Another consideration is safety. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 500,000 people suffer ladder-related injuries each year, and around 300 of these injuries are fatal. Numbers like this prove that it’s best to leave home remodels to the (insured) experts. Unlike you, general contractors have all the necessary safety equipment and training for all types of home renovations.

The best contractors will adhere to OSHA regulations to ensure a safe work environment for everyone. They also know how to complete projects without damaging a client’s property.

Even if an accident occurs during your home renovation, a professional contractor will have sufficient liability insurance and workers’ compensation to cover the incident. That way, you won’t be personally liable for property damage or the injury of workers on your premises.

4.      Licenses and Permits

Getting a permit is necessary before starting any home improvement in Northern Virginia. However, getting permits can be tricky and time-consuming if you are unfamiliar with the process. If you execute a project without the relevant permits, you risk project delays, fines, and other penalties from your city or county.

Professional contractors know the exact type of permit that each job needs and can get the necessary paperwork on time. Also, in Virginia, without a license, you cannot legally participate in a building’s construction, removal, or improvement. If you perform an extensive home renovation without a license or permit, you may have to pay a considerable fine.

5.      Warranties and Contracts

If you handle a home improvement and end up unhappy with the results, you will have to pay for the corrections. Reputable contractors offer satisfaction guarantees and warranties that cover the cost of redoing unsatisfactory jobs. If you work with such a contractor, the cost of resolving a problematic aspect of a remodel won’t come out of your pocket.

However, warranty terms tend to vary between contractors. Some warranties cover only labor costs, while others cover other expenses. Make sure to verify the terms of a contractor’s warranty before hiring. If a contractor breaches a warranty or any other part of their contract, you can seek legal redress.

Leave Home Renovations to the Professionals, and Enjoy Your Free Time

Home improvement may seem like fun at a glance, but it is hard work, and it takes time. Why spend your precious free time renovating your home yourself when an expert can do it for you with better results? For your next home improvement in Northern Virginia, hire an experienced contractor.

A reliable contractor will have the project management skills to handle all aspects of your remodel and bring your vision for your home to life. They will also have the skills and resources to overcome renovation challenges and keep your home makeover on schedule and on budget.

Find the ideal contractor for your new home design and build by looking out for the company with the best:

  • Reputation
  • Customer reviews
  • Experience
  • Rates
  • Turnaround time
  • Customer support

Be sure to check the contractor’s firm’s standing on the Better Business Bureau and review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List. Also, never forget to contact references and ask to see photos of the before-and-after work.

For more about completing your next home improvement in the Northern Virginia area with minimal hassle, please call our expert team today at (703) 322-1500 to schedule a consultation.

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