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There are lot of home improvement projects homeowners can pursue and improve the look and value of their properties. Giving a front door a new makeover is one incredible project he or she can undertake. A homeowner can plan different options to upgrade the exterior of a home.

 Undertaking a front door makeover is one of the fastest ways to do so and make a big impression. The remodel one gives his or her front door will provide a better introduction to the rest of the house. An aesthetically or visually appealing door will catch the eye of visitors, neighbors, and loved ones.

 Besides creating a first impression, the front door also secures a home from intruders and keeps the occupants safe and comfortable. Hence, he or she should ensure the door is energy efficient and made of sturdy, durable materials. The good news is that there is no need to fret if one doesn’t know how to give his or her front door an innovative makeover.

Working with a reputed door company is one of the reliable and practical solutions to opt for. A reputed company will help a homeowner select the best front doors as well as makeover ideas that will help make the necessary improvements. Call a reputed door company, who is eager to lend a helping hand. 

An excellent home improvement company understands what it takes to make the necessary upgrades and will plan it according to a homeowner’s budget. Significantly, this is a company that hires professionals who will not just focus on paint color and siding, but give the exterior of a house the right updates.


What Front Door Makeover to Settle for- Everything to Know

Many homeowners decide to replace an old looking door to improve the home’s curb appeal. However, giving the front door a new makeover is more than just a decorative feature. It’s a worthwhile investment that will impact the value of a house.

If he or she doesn’t know where to start, there is no need to fret and overlook this project. It’s wise to consult with the best Northern Virginia door company. In light of this, here are top five front door makeover ideas from professionals to make use of. Have a look:


1. The Right Paint

Red Front Door

Transforming the front of a home from that ugly and boring look to a glorious exterior is a home improvement decision one will never regret. He or she can still achieve that “dream” front door by painting it with his or her favorite hues.

Paint is so transformative, but one has to get it right. Depending on the material the front door is made of, it’s no-brainer to paint it. If it’s an old front door, one can strip off the old paint and source the right paint. 

If the old door is faded and dull, expect a lot to be done and change its look. But because one is working with the best front door experts in Northern Virginia, there is no need to panic or stress. 

These experts will recommend the best paint for the doors. For instance, he or she can settle for coats of bright blue paint. Neutral and classic hues like brown, gray, and black can withstand the test of time. 

Go on and settle for a paint that will revive the traditional facade. Ensure the color or paint can withstand fading and peeling to keep the exterior of the home appealing. Some of the favorite front door paints or colors include:

  • Better red
  • Slate blue
  • Turquoise
  • Teal
  • Classic brown and white


2. Add Lighting

A homeowner will, without a doubt, get it right by choosing the best front door paint. But there is no better way to get more creative than choosing the best lighting choice. The kind of lighting one settles for should improve the look of the door, blend well with door furniture, and make it easy to use the front door. 

Great lighting at the front door will also provide a warm welcome to visitors. He or she can replace that old-fashioned lighting accessories with modern advanced lightning solutions. For instance, it’s rewarding to add a lantern on either side of the door to create a welcoming effect. 

A homeowner can also use more architectural lighting such as the up/downlights to add a dramatic look. He or she can also overscale pendants or pots near the front door with lighting.


3. Add Privacy Glass

Frosted Glass Front Door

A home may have little or a lot of glass in or around the front door. Styles change each day and there is no better way to give an exterior of a house a new look than changing the glass door. 

One can have a large glass panel decorated in varying designs or decide to settle for a modern painted effect privacy glass in the front door. He or she will make a world of difference in terms of the look of the house as well as allow much light to enter the house, especially the hallway. 

Besides painting the glass front door, one can also add blinds, frost the glass door, or invest in appealing curtains. This is an incredible way to add privacy to the house.


4. Add an Accessory or Fixture

A homeowner looking for an appealing welcome to a newly painted front door can also include an accessory or fixture in the project. He or she can elevate the look of the door by adding new knob, knocker, letterbox, and doorbell.


5. Add Faux Wreaths

Front Door Wreath

Faux wreaths add a bit of curb appeal and interest to a front door. Wreaths are not just a great addition to the front door during Christmas. One can have faux wreaths for autumn, summer, spring, and winter. 

If one is not into front door wreath, other creative decorative alternatives include wooden tags, sliver trays, wooden plaques, or burlap bags. The new style he or she adds to the front door will definitely change its curb appeal.


Make First Impression with a Remarkable Front Door

Many homeowners think of replacing front doors when they no longer add curb appeal to the home. However, one can still improve the look of his or her door by embracing some practical front door makeover ideas. If stuck, there is no need to worry when there is a professional door company ready to help.

Find and work with a company in the region that offers high-quality and budget-friendly door installations. The technicians he or she will come across are licensed, experienced, and well-trained to offer top-notch services. Get in touch for a free quote!

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