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Hiring a company to replace an exterior door on your Springfield, VA, home may sound like a simple, straightforward process. After all, how difficult can it be to take off the old door and put a new one in its place?

However, the best door installation services involve more than screwing a new door into your hinges. Reliable door replacement contractors bring skill and expert craftsmanship to the table to install a wide variety of overhead doors, front entry doors, garage doors, and other residential and commercial door types.

We recommend only considering companies that have reasonable prices, door installation expertise, and the utmost reliability. The best door installation companies should check each of these three boxes throughout every project they complete.

Read on to learn more about the three essential factors to consider when selecting a door replacement business in Springfield, VA, then contact us at NOVA Exteriors for more information about our superior door company.


Affordable Door Replacement Services

If you’re considering a door replacement, you probably have a price range in mind that you would like the project to stay within. The best companies offer affordable pricing that still reflects the quality and expertise they pour into their door replacement services.

Some door replacement companies make it easier than others to determine how much your final cost will be. Typically, you can evaluate a company’s pricing strategy through at least one of these means.

  •     Website: Some door replacement companies list their prices on their websites. At the very least, many companies offer some sort of price indication online, be it a price range, an average price statistic, or an online estimate tool.
  •     Estimate: Most exterior contractors offer a free estimate service in which they will provide a detailed prediction of how much your project will cost. Some companies provide this estimate online, while others will come to your property, evaluate the project, crunch the numbers, and determine a price range—all at no cost to you.
  •     Contract: If you require an extensive door replacement project—such as a commercial job or a large-scale home renovation—we recommend asking a company to create a contract before beginning work. This contract should lay out the services the company is going to complete and the price you will need to pay once they finish, as well as the timeline.

Additionally, the best door replacement companies offer financing to help you start your replacement project right away. If you think you may have trouble paying for your door replacement outright, you may want to consider a company that provides financing solutions.


Experienced Door Replacement Technician

You may think that installing a new door doesn’t require much skill or expertise. While placing a door on hinges may not be that challenging, the best door replacement companies offer expert craftsmanship and precision that you will be able to clearly see in your final product.

You can evaluate a door replacement company’s expertise through its:

  •     License: Exterior contractors must have state licensing in Virginia in order to provide door replacement services. A company’s license indicates that it has met the necessary requirements in the state of Virginia to operate a contractor business. As such, a license shows that a company is an expert in its field.
  •     Training: The best contractors undergo extensive, continual training to ensure that they know the best door installation practices in the industry.
  •     Experience: The number of years a company has been in business can also indicate its expertise. You can often find this information on the company’s website, under the “About” section.

Companies with the proper licensing, training, and experience will have the skills necessary to recommend the best door installation for your home, exemplify top-tier quality of services, and leave you with a finished door replacement you can be proud of.


Dependable Door Replacement Company

Even the door replacement companies with the best prices and the most extensive training are often not the best companies around. Having the right skills and expertise does not always indicate that a company will deliver an impressive, finished product. Instead, companies need to pair their skills with reliability and consistency.

When you hire a door replacement company, you want to feel confident that it will deliver the same quality of services that it has provided for customers in the past. You also want to be sure that it will put its expertise and skill to work throughout every step of your home improvement project.

While evaluating a company’s reliability without working with it first-hand can be tricky, you can look for the following factors to understand whether you can trust a door replacement contractor:

  •     Portfolio: Many contractors create portfolios featuring photos and descriptions of their previous, completed jobs. Looking through a company’s portfolio can help you see examples of the door replacement jobs it has finished in the past and visualize how its work will look on your property.
  •     Customer reviews: Customer reviews can give you first-hand information about a company’s work ethic, quality, and attention to detail. Customers tend to write reviews when they are highly satisfied or utterly disappointed, giving you both ends of the satisfaction spectrum. You can also check out a business’s BBB rating to see a comprehensive view of its ratings among customers.
  •     Recommendations: If you do not have a specific contractor in mind, asking your friends, neighbors, and coworkers for recommendations can steer you in the direction of a reliable door replacement company. If someone you know has had a positive experience with a specific company, you can feel more confident hiring the company for your project.

These factors can give you more confidence that a company will perform well throughout your entire door replacement project.

NOVA Exteriors Checks Your Boxes

If you’re looking for the best door company in the Springfield area, NOVA Exteriors is the company for you. As one of only 38 companies in the nation to receive Provia Platinum Club membership, our contracting team has the necessary expertise and reliability to serve you well.

We offer a wide variety of attractive, functional, innovative door installations to suit your needs to a T, including:

  •     Steel security entry doors
  •     Fiberglass security entry doors
  •     Storm doors
  •     French and patio doors
  •     Sliding glass doors
  •     Sidelites
  •     Transoms

Please contact NOVA Exteriors today at 703-322-1500 for a free door replacement estimate from the best front entry door or overhead door company Springfield, VA.

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