Exterior house trends come and go, and knowing which ones are popular can help you make the best decision for your home. If you’re planning to sell in the future, choosing the wrong colors could lower your property value and force you to sell for less than your house is worth. Choosing the right color combination can make your house instantly more appealing to potential buyers and rake in several extra thousand dollars.

On a personal level, good color combinations will infuse new life into your home’s exterior. From added curb appeal to a greater sense of cohesion, these 2021 exterior color trends are worth considering.


Earth Tones and Natural Trims

Earthy tones have been on the rise in virtually every facet of design. They can be warm or cool, but the natural depths of these colors emanate strength and stability. By choosing a neutral base and accentuating with an earthy trim, you can harmonize your entire exterior.

There are many different options to choose from, but the most popular color combinations include:

  • Sand and beige.
  • Brown.
  • Forest green.
  • Maroon and burgundy.
  • Navy and dark blue.

The earth-based color trend is also easy to mix and match with various natural textures. You can create a high visual impact by remodeling your home with a strong texture like wood or shingles. A more relaxed color with a bold visual texture can achieve the perfect balance that makes your home stand out without looking overdone.


Black Accents

Elegant Black House Exterior

Stormy grays and blues, soft greens, and ivory all look wonderful with a black trim. Black windows and doors can add a dramatic statement to your home’s exterior and create emphasis when coordinated with other colors. Black is better suited to larger exteriors that won’t become overwhelmed by the dark color; when remodeling smaller homes, it’s better to opt for a neutral color or white, which creates spaciousness and works well with natural light.

You can play around with different accents to decide what works best for your home. Whether it’s a sleek trim or statement windows, black is a powerful color that can suit almost any design style.


Warm Hues

What’s better than a house that radiates warmth from the moment you lay eyes on it? Warm tones are understandably gaining traction among designers and homeowners alike. Creamy whites and ivories are highly flexible and suitable for all home sizes; they can easily be drawn up with rich browns and wood tones that create a sense of earthiness, peace, and comfort.

Don’t forget to include your window treatments in the mix. While dark tones can cause windows to stand out, lighter shades create openness. You will likely see many homes redone in a warm base and adorned with wood accents; this combination echoes a simpler time and embraces a natural way of living.


Pale Gray

Gorgeous Gray House Exterior

Gray has always been a staple color in design, but it’s rarely been taken at the forefront of exterior renovations. While many people think of gray as drab or better suited for interior accents, it can actually create a polished look on your home’s exterior as well. While darker grays can be imposing and sometimes too strong for an exterior, a paler hue is peaceful and soothing. Combined with rich wood or black trim, this color can have a strong impact on your exterior that puts you immediately at ease.


Vibrant Accent Colors

While it’s a good idea to keep your home’s exterior a neutral color, you can still have plenty of fun dressing up its accents. You should check with your HOA for any restrictions on colors, but as long as you’re in the clear, then the sky’s the limit!

Not sure where to start? Try choosing your favorite primary color and moving along the spectrum toward lighter shades. If a color feels too saturated, then look for a lighter hue that still embodies the same feeling but looks much more natural on your home’s exterior.

Some of the most popular colorful home trims in 2021 are:

  • Light and pale blues.
  • Airy green.
  • Cheerful yellow.

Updating your window treatments along with a bright new trim can be the perfect way to modernize your home. It’s also more affordable than completely overhauling the exterior; if you’re just looking to reinvigorate your exterior design, then this style and its innumerous possibilities may be what you’re looking for.


Light Brick

Beautiful Brick House Exterior

If your home is made of brick, you might feel like your options are limited to remodeling. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Brick is a classic material that conjures feelings of comfort and warmth. However, left untended for a few years, your once vibrant red or brown brick exterior can become faded and dull. To revitalize your home, you could consider having the bricks painted a lighter color. You can either scale up a few tones to beige or go full white or pale gray.

Combined with a new trimming and possibly a new roof treatment, this can have an immeasurable impact on your house. By changing the color of bricks to a lighter, trendier color, you’ll instantly make your house look a decade younger. If you also plan to replace your front door and windows, this is a good starting point for a total overhaul.


Get a Professional’s Advice

You can’t go wrong with any home renovation project if you contact a professional. Our experts are always ready to help you take on your Alexandria VA home remodeling project from the ground up. Do you have a small budget but want a big impact? Are you overhauling your entire exterior and interior? Looking to expand? No matter what you’re after, we can help you make the right design choices and bring your vision to life.

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