If you’re a homeowner, have you considered replacing your windows lately? Window replacement in Alexandria, VA, and other Northern Virginia cities becomes necessary for many reasons. Whether you need to increase energy efficiency or improve your home’s curb appeal, our pros at Nova Exteriors can share some tips to ensure a hassle and worry-free process. In this article, we explain the primary things to take into account before moving forward with window replacement.


What to Know Before Replacing Your Windows in Northern Virginia

Homeowners should not take window replacement lightly. Before you replace your home’s windows, be sure to go through the following list of essential considerations.


1. Can the Window Be Repaired?

Replacing one or more windows proves costly for many homeowners, so consider if the window damage may be fixable with less expensive repairs. A replacement may make more sense if a repair will only give the window a year or two more of optimal functionality, but you don’t want to spend the money on a new window if all you need is a simple fix. Ask our professionals to determine which option is best for your windows.


2. What Is Causing the Issue?

Before opting for a total replacement, try to determine what is causing the issue. For example, moisture on the inside of the glass may indicate a cracked frame, a compromised seal, or a higher-than-average humidity level inside your home. If you notice condensation on the interior side of your windows, try to solve the issue by getting a dehumidifier and keeping the blinds up first to rule out causes other than a damaged window.


3. How Long Are Windows Meant To Last?

Just like roofing or siding materials, windows don’t last forever, so consider when your home last had window installations and the projected longevity of those windows. Windows generally last between 20 and 50 years, but poorly constructed, installed, or maintained windows may last less than a decade. If possible, find out the age of your windows to better understand where they sit within their expected life cycle.


4. Do You Want the Same Window Style?

If window replacement in Alexandria or wherever you live represents your best option, consider the current style of your windows and what you do and don’t like about them. How do they function? Would you prefer a different type?

If you rarely open your small dining room window, perhaps a picture window with no window screens would bring in more natural light and open the room up to the outside environment. If you’re not in love with horizontal sliders, you might prefer casement windows that open outward. Whatever your preference, there’s no better time to try another style than when you’re replacing your windows.


5. What Frame Material Should You Choose?

Standard window frame materials present varying pros and cons, so consider which material will suit you best. The most common materials include the following:

  •       Vinyl accounts for about 75% of windows manufactured today because it provides a durable, energy-efficient, and customizable option at an affordable price. Though popular, vinyl lasts for fewer years than other materials due to warping and cracking from repeated heating and cooling by the sun.
  •       Wood remains a preferred choice among homeowners looking to match traditional home styles. It provides excellent durability and insulation but requires more maintenance than other materials and is more susceptible to moisture.
  •       Fiberglass offers the best option for long-term durability and energy efficiency but can be more expensive to install and repair.

Consider your needs and budget to find the ideal frame material for your new windows.


6. What Glass Should You Choose?

Achieving maximum energy efficiency has as much to do with the glass in the window as with the frame material. For the best results, opt for double or triple-paned glass with low emissivity (Low-E) coatings and argon gas between the panes. Not every company offers the same options, so be sure to shop around for your preferred window type.


7. Is Now a Good Time for Window Replacement in Alexandria?

Yes! Although many homeowners opt for window replacement during the warmer seasons, you can do it anytime. Consider your comfort needs and those of your family. For example, if you need window replacement and hate the cold, you might schedule your window replacement for the spring or summer.


8. Can You Afford New Windows?

Before you decide on your window replacement, consider all the factors and what you can afford. Gather quotes from multiple professional installers to find out what your project will require and how much each company charges for the windows you want. Look for companies with financing options to help you pay for your new windows over time.


9. How Do You Prepare for New Windows?

Once you have your window installation scheduled, prepare by following these steps:

  •       Remove all curtains, curtain rods and hooks, blinds, and other decorations from the window area.
  •       Move all furniture away from the windows so that the installers will have enough space to work.
  •       Alert your security company if you have one, and remove security alarm sensors from the windows.
  •       Keep pets and small children away from installers while they’re working to ensure everyone’s safety.

Ask your installers what else you can do to prepare.


10. Who Will Install Your New Windows?

Unless you’re a professional, window installation isn’t a DIY home improvement project. The most durable and energy-efficient window won’t last its intended lifespan if not installed correctly. Trust a professional company with proven experience with the job for optimal longevity of your new windows.


Let Our Team at Nova Exteriors Handle Your Window Replacement

At Nova Exteriors, we can handle your home project, whether you need new windows, new siding, or a new roof. We have more than 27 years of experience, with more than 15,000 completed projects. Ask us about our financing options if you need to finance your window replacement project.

If you need window replacement in Alexandria and surrounding areas of Northern Virginia, our team at Nova Exteriors wants to take care of you. Our experienced door and window installers have the expertise to provide your home with long-lasting installations. Call today for a free in-home estimate at (703) 322-1500.

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